Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ever wanted to be a character in a book?

 I am in the middle of writing a sequel to my novel “Operation: Avenging Dragon”. This story, entitled “The Zaim Dispatch” is about a Hezbollah cell in Mexico launching a terrorist attack on the US Navy in San Diego. I naturally brought many of the main characters back from the first book, but I need to create a few new characters for this story.
When possible I like to use some of the traits, accents and other characteristics of real people. I find that it helps lend authenticity, believability and sometimes even a little humor to help round out the story.
If you’d like to be included in the story and have one of these characters based on some of your personal characteristics or traits, just drop me an email ( ) . You can even create a suggested name (I don’t use real names).
As I said, I am currently in the middle of this project (completed 5 of an estimated 9 chapters) so the sooner you email me the more likely I’ll be able to use your character.
If you'd like to read a sample of the first chapter of "The Zaim Dispatch", just  click here.  
Some of the characters I am going to build include: A very “shadowy” CIA Agent, a tough and rumble SEAL team leader, a rich but timid yacht owner, and a big time drug dealer who is nevertheless a patriot.

Thanks and have a great day.

For Margaret: Here’s a YouTube clip from Zulu with captions of the lyrics to that great song the British troops are singing as the Zulu’s make that final attack.


Today’s Reflection:
Some days it’s just not worth chewing through the straps…

Live Long and Prosper…

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