Monday, September 5, 2016

The Mardi Gras Death Mask

"The Mardi Gras Death Mask"

This is a story about a lady who wears a mask to the Mardi Gras Bayou Ball 
- but this mask has a 150 year old curse on it.

She also has a brochette made in the image of the mask -a brochette cast in solid 24k Gold and set with large diamonds and an emerald.

 This is what happens when she brings out the most beautiful Mardi Gras Mask ever made to show off in front of New Orleans most important VIP's.

Will Mrs. DeLong wear the mask

If she does, will she fall victim to the curse?

Or will someone take advantage of the curse to try and kill her?

What about the brochette?

You'll have to wait and find out in the last exciting chapter!

Available;e on in print, kindle and now in audio formats.
Get your copy today!

Y'all are gonna luv it, I gar-own-tee!


Live Long and Prosper...

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