The Bourbon Street Murders
The 'Bourbon Street Murders’ is a good old fashioned who-dun-it set in historic, fun loving New Orleans. Follow Lt. “Gator” McNeal and his team as they follow the leads to find a murderer who kills tourists by giving them heart attacks while they enjoy the excitement of The French Quarter. Along the way the team will have to also solve the murder of a drug dealer from Miami and even the murder of a murderer!

We first met Gator and his team in ‘French Quarter Vendetta’ and now they are back in a truly entertaining and enjoyable murder mystery that perfectly captures the mood and ambiance of The Big Easy.

Are you ready for a fun thriller that’ll keep you guessing until the very end? Enjoy ‘The Bourbon Street Murders’ today! Y’all are gonna like it, I gar-own-tee!

Do you love New Orleans? Do you enjoy a good mystery? Join Lieutenant ‘Gator’ McNeal and his team as they take you through a web of lies, betrayal and murder. See if you know who’s going to jail in the final scene when ‘Gator’ reveals all---

The Bourbon Street Murders

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Live Long and Prosper....

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