Murder Bayou Style

Murder Bayou Style

The next addition to the Gary Graybill Murder Mystery Series

When the body of young man is found in the bayou north of New Orleans with a crossbow arrow in his chest, Gator and his team of Homicide Detectives reluctantly volunteer to take on the investigation. Little do they know that the trail will lead them on a hazardous chase through the hot, humid, danger filled swamps and back to the heart of The Big Easy.

Follow along and see if you can find the clues on this exciting roll coaster of a ride through jealousy, betrayal and avarice. Along the way, watch as they deal with people motivated by pure greed; a bar owner that used to be a cop, a hunter who is also an expert on weapons, a woman who uses her feminine attractions to manipulate the men around her, a bartender who sees an opportunity to get rich at other people’s expense, and a pair of stone cold killers from a drug cartel that wants a million dollars of their money back.

As always, you’ll have a few laughs as Gator handles some routine police work using his particular, half Irish / half Cajun, and uniquely New Orleans approach to resolve problems and bring suspects to justice.

Experience the wonderful ambience of America’s party capitol, New Orleans, right up to the final, exciting chapter, when Gator calls everyone together and reveals all.

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