Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank You, Mrs. Pelosi

It is time for another short diversion into the ever entertaining realm and politics. Please fasten your seat-belt.

I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to one of our political leaders, Representative Nancey Pelosi (D), of San Fransisco, for making an excellent suggestion about how the government can save money.

As you may know, the President has begun to realize that many people are getting downright angry about what they perceive to be excessive and out of control spending by the federal government. He proposed a "freeze on spending" to show us that he gets it. Of course, the programs he choose for this 'freeze' were selected because he had already increased their budgets this year by 24%, so the 'freeze' would not really interfere very much with the expansion of the government. He is no dummy.

This little political ruse worked very well. So well, in fact, that Mrs. Pelosi did not realize it was just a bluff and instead jumped right on the band wagon to support the President. She suggested additional spending freezes of her own. --And being a good card-carrying liberal, the first thing that should be frozen or cut is the military budget. You see, liberals traditionally hate military spending -"if you don't have a military you can't go to war", seems to be the guiding logic. She saw an opportunity to not only support the President, but score some points with the far left and she took it (who cares if it adversely effects our ability to defend the country? Political opportunities like this don't come along everyday).

Now please don't cringe or start screaming at me. I think Mrs. Pelosi has a very good idea there. No, I really do, and I have a suggestion about where to start the cuts in the military budget. Nancy flies back and forth between Washington, D.C. and California on a very regular basis so she can spend time with her constituents, her family and her wine vineyards. Because she is the "Speaker of the House" and. therefor, third in line of succession to the Presidency (a fact that keeps me awake at night praying for the health and welfare of Mr. Obama), she makes these trips on a government jet which is paid for, you guessed it, out of the military budget. What a great place to start the cuts, don't you think? And Nancy, just think of all the frequent flier miles you can stack up, flying on a commercial airline like the rest of us.

So, Thank You Mrs. Pelosi, for your great suggestion. And here's a thought too, you might even get a chance to meet some good old normal Americans while flying on a regular airline.... or does that thought frighten you a little? By the way, if you haven't considered retirement yet maybe this is a good time. I hear that you might be able to get some great wine growing land very cheap in Haiti right now.

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