Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Should We Do If The President Lies To Us?

This past week they "uncovered" some interesting video tape of then Senator Obama talking about his relationship with a community organizing group, ACORN. On this tape he brags about how closely he has worked with this organization, how integral to his work this group has become and how he therefor consults with them on many of the issues that come before him.

The organization he referred to, ACORN, has since come to the attention of the public when it was accused of a myriad of illegal practices including voter registration fraud and ballot stuffing. When people started asking which politicians had supported ACORN or had been supported by ACORN, the now President Obama went on camera to say he had almost no knowledge of, or relationship with, them.

I have included a video taken from "You Tube" which shows clips of the President making these statements so you can see, hear, and judge them for yourself.

I know that many people would say that is just politics. It is just the way politicians are and it is no big deal. I am afraid I disagree and here is why.

Barack Obama is not just another politician. He is the President of the United States. He rose to the pinnacle of American politics because he was supposed to be unlike the other politicians, because he promised to be honest and transparent. We voters selected from a wide pool of want-a-bee presidents. We listened, debated and in the end we went to the poles and choose a person that gave people hope and made a commitment to change. We elected Barack Obama. We hired him and made him the most powerful single person on the face of the earth. We literally gave him power over life and death and put his finger on the trigger for nuclear bombs. This position is not like any other and it demands a level of honesty far above that we demand from other people. We are, after all is said and done, his employers. In this case he has quite obviously lied to us and for that he needs to be held accountable. We have an obligation to let him, and everyone else, know that dishonesty is not acceptable. We must make it clear that we want, we demand, honesty from our President.

It does not matter if the President has done a good job or a bad job while he has been in office. He lied and we have to put our collective foot down and send our politicians a clear message that this "politics as usual" has to stop.

You may be saying that this is a little extreme, but it really isn't. It is the way to make the point and to bring this President and future Presidents back into proper conduct. President Clinton was impeached by the Senate, not because he had an affair but because he lied about it. The same standard should be applied here. Nothing more, nothing less.

Even if the result of an impeachment by Congress is, as with President Clinton, the Senate voting not to impeach, the message is still loud and clear - "Lie to us and you will be held to account."

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