Friday, March 19, 2010

Global Warming Causing Earthquakes

This has been an usually active year for earthquakes. So far this year there have been over 40 worldwide with a magnitude over 6.0. The most notable in the past few months have been Haiti's 7.0, Chile's 8.8, Turkeys 6.0, Japans 6.6 and Indonesia's 6.4.

One reason being set forth for this rash of earthquakes is global warming. It seems that the warming of the earth's crust is causing an expansion of the rocks in the continental plates and this is causing the plates to shift and settle - and that means earthquakes. Another contributing factor is the massive melting of he glaciers in the far reaches of the north and south poles. As the ice melts and the water flows into the sea the weight of all that ice shifts and again cause a shifting in the continental plates.

Now, before you run out and buy extra earthquake insurance I have a confession to make. I just made all that up. No one is saying this. I wanted to make a point and demonstrate how easy it is for people like Barrack Obama, Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi to take completely unrelated pieces of information and make them seem plausible. They are masters in stirring up our insecurities and using them against us to promote their money making schemes like "universal health care", "cap and trade" and the desperate need for "green jobs".

Don't get me wrong, clean air and environmental protection are good ideas. They are things we should be taking into consideration. But, these are not things to panic about. The science these charlatans are putting forth to get us to buy into their expensive programs is weak at best. Much of it just does not stand up to common sense. Our economy is in serious need of good jobs right now, not "green jobs" in the future. Those "green" jobs are coming anyway -and as they become available there will be plenty of Americans to learn them and do them as well or better than anyone else.

So the next time you hear Al Gore or some one like that get up and try to tell us that our winter is colder this year because it is getting hotter in the summer - please, remember this little story and use your common sense!

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