Friday, March 5, 2010

Stupidity is Alive and Well in California

California is in serious trouble and going bankrupt fast. The unemployment rate is amongst the highest in the country and the state is facing huge deficits. Businesses and jobs are fleeing the state and the people are being burdened with sky-rocketing taxes. The state legislature has gone into overtime trying to figure out solutions. They hold special sessions and complain about long hours and working until the wee hours of the morning to try and find consensus on a plan of action. Just when they have us thinking they finally get it and are addressing the states problems, they prove once again that stupidity is alive and well in California.

This week the California legislature found time to propose, debate and approve a new law of major importance: "Cuss Free Week". That's right. "Cuss Free Week". In the middle of one of the biggest crises to ever face the state, our elected representatives are spending their time (time the good citizens of California pay dearly for) to debate and approve something so utterly trivial as a "Cuss Free Week".

And what was their justification for this important piece of legislation? Drug Abuse. --Yep, that's what they said drug abuse! It seems that they have decided cussing in our High Schools is the root of all evil. They claim that cussing leads to drug use by our teenagers so it must be curtailed. -The absurdity of that reasoning boggles the mind.

Just for the record, this bill was proposed by Assemblyman Anthony Portanino (D). I wonder if the people of Mr. Portanfino's district have any idea just how he is spending his valuable time representing their interests in the state government? It may be too late, but I think someone should tell him about the states real problems sometime.

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