Monday, April 19, 2010

Hungary's Election May Be a Lesson for Us

The center-right party in Hungary has been returned to power after being beaten in their last elections in 2006 by the Socialist Party. In the last election the Socialists gained popularity by promising a change in the way government operated together with expanded entitlement programs and a new sense of openness and hope. After 4 years of Socialist control the Hungarian people found that the change only meant higher taxes and reduced retirement and pension benefits. The Hungarian economy has gotten so bad that they had to recently take a large "bailout" loan from the World Bank and the EU.
[A Note about the picture (top right): The Hungarians looked forward to the election this time. It was an almost party atmosphere and many worn traditional uniforms and costumes to the voting booths!]
Even the 'far right' party in Hungry captured over a million votes for the first time and will have some representation in the parliament.

Mr. Orban, who will become the next Prime Minister, said: "Hungarians voted on Hungary and Hungary's future. Today Hungary's citizen's have defeated hopelessness."

Mr. Orban has promised to start by cutting taxes and stimulate the economy to create jobs.

"It is unprecedented... for a winning party to secure such a clear and broad-based mandate", he told reporters.

Conceding, Socialist party chairwoman Ildiko Lendvai said: "If the results do not change materially, then one thing is clear: the Hungarian Socialist Party has lost the opportunity to govern."

The political pendulum is in constant motion, swinging back and forth from left to right over the years. During the last decade it seemed to swing unusually far to the left across the United States and Europe but it is obviously swinging back to the right. Great Britain is on the verge of returning to a Conservative Government, Socialists in France, Germany and Spain have suffered serious set backs recently. Here in the United States, many of us are looking forward to the 'midterm' elections with great anticipation. We hope we will be following our Hungarian friends in getting rid of the socialist influences that have dominated our Congress since the last election.

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