Wednesday, April 21, 2010

President Obama Snubs Polish Allies

Last Sunday they had the burial services for the President and First Lady of Poland who were killed along with 94 other high ranking members of the Polish Government in a tragic plane crash in Russia. Many world leaders, including President Obama, had been invited and had planned to attend. Unfortunately, a volcano in Iceland send a huge dust and particle cloud over all of Europe and caused air travel to come to a virtual stand still.

Unable to fly through the cloud in Air Force One, President Obama sent his regrets and did not attend. Safety is a major and understandable consideration. It is somewhat embarrassing, however, to note that many of the world leaders did manage to attend. The President of Russia flew in under the dust and particles, which are hanging in the upper atmosphere. Representatives from Spain and France also braved the clouds and flew in and many others simply took the train.

Is is too bad that President Obama was unable to attend. Poland is, and has consistently been, one of our best allies in Europe. The Polish people have always shown a great deal of warmth and generosity to American visitors, unlike some of our other allies in Europe. Poland is also strategically placed and is a vital link in our planned missile defense system.

It was bad enough that our President did not attend the services.The situation became even more embarrassing for the United States because, at the time of the funeral, President Obama decided to go out and play a round of golf! Instead of mourning the loss of our good and loyal ally, the President of the United States went out to enjoy himself and relax! I am sure the lack of respect for the tragedy was duly noted in Warsaw.

Shame on You. Mr. President!
And shame on your Chief of Staff and your advisers for letting you do that! You really need to
replace them.

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