Thursday, April 1, 2010

The President's Foreign Policy Priorities: Nuts!

Last week J.P. Crowley, the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, was asked "What is Obama's biggest foreign policy challenge?". What do you think he answered? Afghanistan or Pakistan? Nope. Iran? No. North Korea? Wrong again. Here is what he said:
"I think the next 30 years will be defined in terms of how we manage the environment and whether we are prepared to reduce the release of greenhouse gases, reduce our use of fossil fuels and increase alternative sources of energy."
Surprise! According to the Obama Administration global warming posses a greater threat than international terrorism or nuclear proliferation! (don't cry to me - we voted these guys into office!)

So, now we will start hearing about how the "cap and trade" scheme is going to be important because it is a foreign policy priority. Wow, who'd have thought? Somehow I always assumed that the Democrats were going to try to ram "cap and trade" down our throats. After their success with Health Care I figured a "cap and trade" skirmish was not far off. I did not expect it to come from the Secretary of State or to be presented as imperative to our foreign policy. I have to congratulate the Democrats on original thinking. That does not mean I believe it for a second.

Cap and Trade is still a money grabbing scheme to advance a "progressive" agenda. It will increase taxes, destroy more jobs and run more private companies either out of business or out of the country!

One thing that really makes me mad in all of this is the fact that our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, knows better. She has been around long enough and knows the threat from Iran. She knows that when you are engaged in 2 shooting wars, those are your foreign policy priorities!

We have troops, our fellow Americans, going into combat every day. Anyone in the Administration that thinks global warming is a higher priority than that should be fired (and probably should be sent back to school because their education is obviously lacking)! -And that statement includes the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, Secretary of State and everyone else that accepts our tax dollars to represent our interests!

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