Sunday, May 2, 2010

If the President Won’t Enforce the Law –Impeach Him!

We elect a person to the office of President of the United States to lead us. We choose some one we feel will set economic and social agendas we feel are in the best interests of the country. As a representative democracy we expect our elected representatives to pass laws and policies based of the desires of the majority of our citizens. We have a constitution and a code of civil and criminal laws that we expect them to follow and enforce. We make them take a solemn oath when they take office that they will uphold and defend that constitution and those laws.

Because this is a democracy there are always laws that some of the people don’t like. That is just a natural consequence of living in a society where the majority rules. When any of us feel strongly enough about a law we do not like we can take action to change it. We go out and try to convenience enough people to agree with our point of view to repeal the law or to change it, but we do not ignore it or simply choose not to obey it.

Since the current Administration took office we have seen them repeatedly ignore the desires of the majority and push through laws, programs and policies the majority of Americans clearly did not want. That is bad enough but we can remedy that in the next elections. They are also doing something which is actually worse. They are refusing to enforce laws we already have in place. Our immigration laws are being ignored.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about that issue is the huge number of illegal aliens that cross our borders daily. These immigrants are not stopped at the border and once in they are rarely sent home. In fact, there are entire cities where they are actually protected from deportation, even when they have criminal backgrounds. However, that is not the worst part of the problem. What is worse is that we do nothing to punish the people encouraging them so they can exploit their cheap labor. We have good and strict laws against hiring illegal aliens and yet employers that regularly and blatantly violate those laws are not held accountable.

The President and his cabinet, specifically his Secretary of Homeland Security and the Attorney General, have openly admitted that they are not enforcing those laws. The civil strife being experienced in Arizona is a direct result of this refusal of the President to take action to carry out his sworn duty to uphold those very laws.

Arizona’s new law, which merely mirrors the already existing federal law, would be entirely unnecessary if the Federal government just did its job. The murders and burglaries occurring daily all along our southern borders are the direct responsibility of the Administrations lack of action. This is simply inexcusable.

If you hired a manager to run your business and he refused to enforce your company’s rules and regulations you’d fire him. If the President will not fulfill the duties of his office and continues to defiantly refuse to enforce our immigration laws, he should be impeached and replaced by some one who will to the job properly. There are simply no excuses for not protecting our citizens.

In his case he does not even try to use lame excuses and political tricks the way the previous Administration did when they voted to build a fence and increase the size of the border patrol then failed to vote the funds to pay for it. Instead he openly admits the Federal government is failing to get the job done and does not take steps to correct the situation. If he does not like the laws he is welcome to use his office and powers to attempt to change those laws but in the meantime he has an obligation to the people of the United States to enforce the laws as currently written. Failure to do that is a purposeful dereliction of his duties.

If he continues to refuse to take positive steps to enforce the law and protect our borders he should be impeached and be held directly responsible for the deaths and loss of property that result from this failure.

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