Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Very Dirty Words

I am a life long Republican. That began as a child because, as is often the case with people, I simply registered in the same party as my mother and father. In fact, my family has been Republican from the earliest days. In spite of that, I was still raised to look into what, and who, I was voting for and make up my own mind, regardless of the party ticket or recommendation. I remember actually being shocked when growing up and hearing various friends and adults talking about simply voting the party ticket, many times without even reading the propositions or knowing the first thing about the candidate they were voting for.

This year, and probably in 2012 as well, it will be slightly different for me. There will be two words that will have a negative influence on my decision-making that usually don’t matter too much to me. Those words are Democrat and Incumbent.

The reasons are simple. I am really fed up with what this Democrat controlled Congress has been doing. It is not just because I don’t like the programs and policies they have been pushing, that happens. It is called politics and I can live with that. It is mainly because of their arrogance in ignoring, time after time, the very plainly demonstrated will of a substantial majority of the public. It is because of their blatant and corrupt back room deal making and pandering to special interests like the unions, the environmentalists and the extreme left wing progressive crowd. I have never seen an Administration so self indulgent and so wrapped up in their own political agenda that they feel comfortable openly lying to the public about current conditions and the projected costs and effects of their programs.

There are dozens of easily apparent examples. Nancy Pelosi is becoming famous for ridiculous comments such as “we have to pass this bill so we can find out what is in it”. We had a President, an Attorney General and a Secretary of Homeland Security that all three went on national television to declare the recent immigration law passed in Arizona as “ill conceived”, “Dangerous” and likely to result in racial profiling. Then admitting that, at the time they were making those statements, they had not taken the time to read the actual legislation. If they had done so, they would have seen that the Arizona legislature went to extremes to avoid those very conditions and that the law actually makes racial profiling illegal!

We often have politicians who, for the sake of their agendas, stretch the truth or ignore the facts. As I said, that is just politics. The problem this time is that peoples lives and property are at risk as a direct result and they obviously could not care less as long as they get their legislation passed. It is simply unforgivable.

The other word that will influence me, Incumbent, is because, regardless of political party, the corruption in Washington has gone on way too long and is too pervasive. The only way of breaking it up will be voting in new people who have not yet been ruined by its ugly influence. New faces may be inexperienced and there is no guarantee they will do any better than the current batch in Washington, but they certainly could not do much worse than what we have been seeing.

One of my heroes is George Washington. I have come to admire this man as one of the greatest men in history. I am quite certain that this man, who was renowned for his honesty, his integrity and his courage, must be looking down on us from heaven and crying because of what the city named after him has become and what the term “Washington Politics” has come to mean.

I will still read the issues and study the candidates before voting, but the next few elections will find me leaning heavily on voting out Democrats and Incumbents.

On This Day in History:

The Red Sox accused of throwing the World Series, 1921

Salvation Army founded, 1865
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