Monday, August 9, 2010

President Obama: An Example of Fiscal Responsibility?

Our President has come to office at a time of great financial difficulty for the United States. He is found of telling us that he inherited the worse recession since the Great Depression and he loves to add that it was his predecessors (President Bush) fault. He goes on what seems like endless speaking stops and tells us about how the Republicans drove the car of state into the ditch, but don’t worry because he and the Democrats are there to get us pulled out. That line is a good one and it might even work, if it were not for the example of fiscal restraint he and the “First Family” is setting.

The First Couple has taken 8 vacations during their first 18 months in the White House. Eight! He has supplemented this “play time” at our expense by also logging over 200 hours playing golf. Last month the Obama’s spent our scarce tax dollars providing a “separate flight” on a Gulfstream jet to transport their dog “Bo” to the family vacation destination in Maine. Apparently Air Force One could not comfortably transport both Bo, and the Obama family, all at the same time.

As if that were not enough, America and the world are now being treated to Michelle’s “vacation” in Spain (this is not a “state visit,” but a personal trip) with forty of her best friends along for the ride, and her husband left at home. Even the New York Times has had to acknowledge the “hefty bill” that American taxpayers will end up paying, which may approach half a million dollars or more by the time “Michelle and friends” return home. 

Such blatant disregard for the perceptions and sensibilities of the American people are often very politically costly for a President. What we are seeing from Barack and Michelle is not merely a matter of being “tone deaf” or “out-of-touch,” as many in the media are claiming these days. The Obama’s seem to think of themselves as being much more than merely a U.S. President and First Lady. While, in our country, our elected President is merely “one of us,” and is entrusted with a lot of power to lead us for a finite period of time, in much of the rest of the world a head-of-state is more akin to royalty, and is substantively “above” the people he leads. Barack and Michelle’s “do as I say, not as I do” approach to life looks a lot more “royal,” than it does “presidential.”

The American people are not as stupid or as blind as our First Family and their Democrat support (worshipers) seem to believe. The voters see all this excessive spending of our hard-earned tax dollars. It will be remembered at the ballot box. Indeed, the era of Obama may well be spending itself out of power.

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On another note: Here is a You Tube clip of the Boy Scouts watching and
"Booing" President Obama giving a talk at their resent Jamboree. See, they were right, Boy Scouts does prepare you for everything after all.....

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