Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Democrats Begin Distancing from Pelosi

Some news headlines are more fun to read than others are. I was browsing the political story summaries over the weekend and noticed several that gave me a kind of warm fuzzy feeling. It seems some key Democrats in Congress have begun distancing themselves from our Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

One of the most notable former members of the Pelosi Fan Club is Representative Chet Edwards. Mr. Edwards is a conservative Democrat trying win an 11th term representing an area southwest of Dallas. In an interview while campaigning over the weekend he said he has not made up his mind whether he would support Pelosi (D-Calif.) for another term as speaker, as he comes under fire back home for his close ties to the Democratic leader. “No, I’ve made no commitments for speaker. Until we see the outcome of this election, I don’t even know who will be running for speaker,” What makes this one so notable is the fact that a little more than 2 years ago, Nancy was loudly supporting him as a possible Vice Presidential candidate.

There are a number of Democrats recently, from Texas, Ohio and North Carolina in particular, that are running away from Pelosi in this harsh political climate. For Democrats, distancing one’s self from the speaker is nothing new, including Edwards, but the number of incumbents and the volume of their criticism of the party House leader is larger than it has been in past election cycles (and the volume of their criticism is louder).

It is way too early to start counting Nancy Pelosi out of power. She is an experienced and strong politician. I can not help but wonder, however, if all that blackmailing and pushing to get Democrats to support Obamacare and the other recent pieces of big-government legislation, despite the fact that the polls indicated most Americans were opposed to them, is not now coming back to haunt her. I think I can safely speak for several of my friends when I say that the prospect of Nancy losing her job as Speaker of the House after the next elections is something worth waiting for and something worth uncorking a bottle or two to celebrate.

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