Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fleeting Thoughts on a Sunday, October 3rd

Charles Krauthammer has written an excellent article entitled “Why is Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan?”. It can be found at The National Review On-Line ( In it he discusses the confusion created by the President when he announced sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and, at the same time, announced their withdrawal to start 18 months later. This not only caused confusion but , in the words of the Commandant of the Marine Corps., was “probably giving our enemies sustance.” Charles’ explanation is well worth a careful read and as always, enjoyable.

I see they discovered human remains at Stonehenge from people who evidently traveled there 3 to 5 thousand years ago from areas around Germany, Italy and Spain. That suggests two interesting facts. First, Stonehenge was undoubtedly a well known cult center with a pretty impressive reputation; and second, people that long ago traveled long distances far more than previously thought for other than migration purposes. The conjecture regarding just what the activity was that was so well known is purely guesswork but intriguing. I wonder of Glenn Beck’s ancestors were holding some Druid version of a non-political, political rally.

In Longmont, Colorado, a man shot at police trying to arrest him. Afterward, he claimed he had too because he thought he was being chased by Zombies (I guess he is hoping he to get a lot of Democrats on his jury).

Don’t plan on a quiet vacation in Ecuador any time soon. The problem of having to cut costs by over-spending governments has reached South America. It seems that Ecuador recently passed some legislation to cut benefits for public servants and the result was a small rebellion. Insurgents actually captured the President in a hospital and roughed him up. The Army moved in and rescued him. He was not seriously hurt but several people were killed. The military is now “in charge” until order can be restored throughout the country. I guess people everywhere are the same. “Hey, Mr. Government, cut costs drastically and immediately! –But don’t you dare touch my entitlements…”

With Bill Gates leaving the Department of Defense in February (as I predicted) the rumor mill is working overtime trying to figure out who will fill his shoes. The 3 names that come up most often include Hilary Clinton. I don’t think I need to say much here. We all know her fairly well. Paul Kaminski is another possibility. He is not as well known publicly but has a reputation for being intelligent and capable. He has served on a number of Boards including the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Technical Advisory Board (he earned a weeks salary for memorizing that title), and the FBI Director’s Advisory Board. Perhaps the most mentioned name is John Hemre who is close to Obama and is an adapt politician with good connections on the hill.

Speaking of Bill Gates, it seems he is recommending we cut the C-17 cargo plane from the Air Force inventory. This is strictly a cost cutting measure and unfortunately, for those who have flown in and love the plane, it is the logical choice. The Air Force has 2 other cargo planes that can handle the workload. The C-5 which is the only one big enough to transport armored vehicles (such as Abram Tanks) and the C-130 which can operate from very short and less improved runways. Too bad for the durable C-17 but we have been demanding those cost darned cuts….

I see Congress passed a new law that television stations must now transmit their programs and their commercials at the same volume level. I have to admit, there is a part of me that is going to miss the way things were. That sudden blast of sound when the commercials comes on has awaken me from many an unintended nap. 

Oh, and "Hey, Mr. President. How's that whole 'Hope and Change' thing working out for you?" --In my case it simply means I 'hope' in November we 'change' how you and Congress are running the country.......

Long Life and Prosper…….

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