Monday, December 6, 2010

Passing Thoughts

I saw the "tweet" Julian Assange left taunting the US. "Sarah Palin says Wikileaks leader Julian Assange should be hunted down like Osama bin Laden - that means he should be safe for at least a decade." -ouch!

You know, I am really getting tired of this Wikileaks thing. More than that, I am getting tired of our government showing off to the world how incompetent it has become. The killer thing about this latest little nose flick by asshole Assange is --he is right! We have the largest, most powerful and effective military in history plus the resources of the CIA, DIA, NSA, Cybercom, FBI and tons more --and yet our leaders can not seem to catch one mass killer, who is still actively killing- after 10 years?!  -God help us.

Julian is right, he is probably safe for a long time. 5 months after the first massive dump of classified documents and after th lives of hundreds of US supporters in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan have been put in jeopardy -our "Justice Department" is just now trying to decide what laws this guy may have broken?

What I can not understand is -where is the outrage from the American people? Why haven't these elected officials been thrown out of office for massive incompetence? (starting with that humbling fool Eric Holder)

Obama has proposed a 1.4% pay increase for our military. In spite of the fact that he also wants to freeze federal pay because we have no money. Personally, I think our troops deserve everything they can get and I hope this goes through. Having said that I am confussed by the logic our great leader is applying here.

He wants to freeze federal wages because we just don't have the cash without raising the deficit. They are not giving cost of living raises to Seniors living on Social Security and Disability (which, by the way max's out at well under 2 grand a month -have you ever tried living on that?) because they say the way they calculated it, there was no raise in the cost of living in the United States (for the second year in a row). --But at the same time here is how they justify the 1.4% for the military:
The administration, which wants to freeze non-military pay for federal workers to tackle the deficit, says a 1.4% raise for the military would match average private-sector-wage growth and is in addition to earlier increases in housing and food subsidies.
Oh, I see, the cost of living only went up for you this year if you were in the military,,,,, double talk and hypocrisy, that is all we ever seem to get from Washington anymore (and I don't much care which party is doing the talking).

Well, checking the morning headlines and here is another exaple of Mr. Holder's inability to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time:
The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has published a report criticizing the Justice Department for its handling of voting rights accusations against the New Black Panther Party. The report has been published on the commission’s website. It says the department has failed to cooperate with the investigation and left open the question of whether political interference played a role in limiting action against the New Black Panther Party.

---Ya think?


And just to make my morning complete (and to justify my taking my blood pressure medicine faithfully) here some news from Korea.

The S. Korean military has started live firing drills along the border just as tensions had started receding. --Yeah, great idea.

Oh, but don't worry, President Obama put in a telephone call to China's President Ho Jintao hoping to help control the situation. --Why does that sound a little like Elmer Fud calling the Big Bad Wolf and asking him to install door locks on the Three Little Pig's houses?

Two Idiotic Reactions to Freezing Weather:
[Don't try these at home]

1) This is a true story about John Porter, from New York State, USA, whose pipes in his home froze one winter.

Anxious to unfreeze them, Mr Porter backed his car up to an open window so that the exhaust would warm up the house.

A little while later and Porter, his wife and their three children had to be rushed to hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

2) George Gibbs, from Columbus, Ohio, suffered second-degree burns on his head. This is what happened one freezing cold winter morning.

Unable to start his car, George diagnosed the problem as a frozen fuel line which he thought he could correct by running warm petrol through it. He then tried to heat a two-gallon can of petrol on his gas stove in the kitchen.


Live Long and Prosper......

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