Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Important: Iran Using Chemical Warfare Agents on Protestors!

I have been monitoring the protests in Iran and a very alarming picture is unfolding from the few reports getting through. This morning there were several reports of “a new tear gas” being used by Iranian Security against the protestors. There is a Facebook site where they are pleading for chemists and medical professionals to help them identify this “new tear gas” and to give advise on how to treat those exposed to it. Here is a quote from one report from a Middle Eastern news source describing the “new tear gas”:

"Shadi Sadr, an Iranian human rights lawyer, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that at least three people who participated in the 14 February protests have expressed that the tear gas used against the protesters was different from the ones used previously. According to the three individuals, when they returned home after exposure to the tear gas, they suffered symptoms such as severe nausea, vomiting blood, and loss of voice and their symptoms have not yet subsided.

According to an opinion issued by the Iranian Armed Forces Legal Office, though use of tear gas is not considered a crime, “any type of bodily injury to others which according to Islamic Penal Code is recognized eligible for payment of Diya [blood money] or Qisas [retribution], is considered a crime and it may be pursued in qualified judicial courts. Type of the instrument used in creating the bodily harm is irrelevant to whether or not a crime has taken place.”
“I know of three people who are suffering from pains which were unprecedented as compared to the previous occasions. One of them had severe nausea and vomited blood, to the point where he was seen by a doctor and has had to take tests. One of them continues to have no voice through today and cannot be heard even 10 centimeters away. All three are suffering from severe muscular pains and cramps,” Shadi Sadr told the Campaign. The distinguished Iranian lawyer also said that other people who attended the 14 February gatherings have confirmed the symptoms of this tear gas through her Google Reader. A source reliable to Ms. Sadr told her “My friend told me today that she and at least three other people are suffering from body aches, sore throat, and severe cold-like symptoms.” They also reported that they were previously exposed to tear gas, but they had never experienced such symptoms before.”

If these reports are true, and there is no reason to doubt them, this “new tear gas” is not tear gas (CS) at all. It is, in fact, a military grade chemical warfare agent! This type of agent is illegal, especially when used against defenseless civilians. There is a very real possibility that heavy exposure to these chemicals could lead to permanent symptoms and may even be terminal. The international community –human rights groups and United Nations groups - with agents in Iran, should be investigating this immediately.

The last time we saw Chemical Warfare gents used against innocent civilians was when Saddam Hussan ordered them used against Kurdish Villages in Northern Iraq.

This developing situation needs to be closely watched. Most likely we will learn about it in the coming days when more poisoned protesters make known the results of their medical tests and their symptoms. 

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