Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gadhafi and the Cease Fire -more lies

Yesterday I wrote about the potential effects of Gadhafi’s declaration that his forces would cease-fire and hold their positions. He invited the coalition countries to send inspectors to “verify the truth” and see for themselves that he was stopping military action to “protect Libya’s civilian population". 

Later that same day we got some very good proof of his true intentions.

The proof came when a fighter jet attacking Benghazi was shot down and fell from the sky, bursting into flames as explosions rang out in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi. CNN reported that it was not immediately clear whom the jet belonged to, but that is incredibly stupid –who else would send fighter jets to attack the rebels….?

As for the opposition, it has been pushed back from other cities, but has vowed to defend Benghazi to the death. At least 28 people died and hundreds were wounded in fighting in the cities of Misrata, Ajdabiya and Zintan on Friday, according to Khaled el-Sayeh, a military spokesman for the opposition.

This fighter jet incident came just hours before international leaders meet in Paris to discuss the next steps in dealing with Libya. The U.N. Security Council voted Thursday to authorize "states to take all necessary measures to protect civilians." It also imposed a no-fly zone, banning all flights in Libyan airspace -- except those that involve humanitarian aid and the evacuation of foreign nationals.

In televised remarks Friday, Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa said the country decided on "an immediate cease-fire and the stoppage of all military operations." He urged observers from China, Malta, Turkey and Germany to come "as soon as possible ... to make sure that there is a real cease-fire on the ground."

In what we can clearly see was an example of the Libyan government's ongoing lying and hypocrisy, he said Libya is a member of the United Nations and is "obliged to accept the Security Council resolution that permits the use of force to protect the civilian population".

In an effort to spin the incident, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim said government forces were attacking "armed rebel militias," not civilians. Kaim also claimed that Gadhafi forces are not fighting a militia group that is making advances in the eastern town of al-Migrun and said the media are distorting Libyan military actions. In addition, he said the country has evidence of "crimes against humanity conducted by the rebels." But witnesses (including rebels and international media observers) in the western city of Misrata said earlier Friday that a pro-government assault persisted, and casualties were mounting.

"What cease-fire?" asked a doctor in Misrata, who described hours of military poundings, casualties and dwindling resources to treat the wounded. "We're under the bombs." An opposition member said Friday that "Misrata is on fire," adding that Gadhafi's regime announced a cease-fire to buy itself more time (a position I believe to be the actual truth here). Outside Ajdabiya in eastern Libya, fighters who don't trust Gadhafi said they believe that the declaration was a sham as sounds of explosions pierced through the air.

President Obama on Friday warned Gadhafi to pull back from several besieged cities or face military consequences. But he insisted American troops will not be deployed in Libya. Obama also said power and water must be restored to several cities. "These terms are not negotiable," Obama said. If Gadhafi doesn't comply, the U.N. resolution will be imposed through military action, the president said.

The U.N. resolution, while not authorizing such a move, does not preclude the United States from arming rebels, said Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

When asked whether the United States was planning to provide weapons to the opposition, Rice said, "We are focused immediately on protection of civilians, on ensuring that the march to Benghazi does not continue and that those who are most vulnerable have the rights and protections that they deserve."

Countries such as Britain, Spain and Canada have started mobilizing military equipment and personnel in preparation to intervene. British Prime Minister David Cameron said the United Kingdom has started preparations to deploy aircraft, and "in the coming hours," they will move to air bases where they will be positioned for any "necessary action." Other nations, including Spain and Canada, have said they will provide forces and fighter jets, respectively.

Now listen to Gadhafi himself in a speech just this Thursday on the You Tube clip below. Tell me, does that sound like he intends a cease-fire? Hint: If you say yes, please contact me as I have some ocean-front property in West Texas you might like to buy….

Live Long and Prosper....

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