Monday, March 21, 2011

Gadhafi's Son Threatens America

Now that the air attacks in Libya are underway in order to implement a no fly zone, Muammar al-Gaddafi is not happy and his son Saif spoke to Christiane Amanpour to express the family’s frustration. According to Saif they were surprised by the attack from the Americans, British and French that “terrorized children” with bombing everywhere, and warned that the western countries were choosing the wrong side in the conflict.

“So it was a big surprise that finally President Obama – we thought he is a good man and a friend of the Arab world is bombing Libya. . . . One day you will wake up and you made a big mistake with supporting these people. It’s like the WMD in Iraq. It’s another story.” Saif said.

In addition to declaring that America is “supporting the terrorists and armed militia,” Saif promised that his father will not step down from power, because someone must protect the Libyan people from the “nightmare” they are living.

Well, I guess it is good to hear both sides of the issue but, considering the lies that seem to generate uncontrollably from this family, I guess these statements should not come as a big surprise. One thing is for sure: the Gaddafis are not leaving without a fight. Not only that, but if they are allowed an opportunity they will send revenge terrorist strikes to both Europe and America. In the meanwhile, this little war is going to go on until these guys are dead or are dragged, kicking and screaming, before an international tribunal in The Hague. (and on that day, the drinks will be on me…)

Live Long and Prosper...

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