Monday, April 4, 2011

A Few General Comments about the World Today

Well my friends, I am suffering from “Monkey Brain” again today so I’ll probably swing from one subject to another without much rhyme or reason. I think I'll just get a few things off my chest.

In spite of the critical problems around the world from Libya to the Ivory Coast to Japan, I think I’ll start with something of no importance whatsoever. Were any of you as pleased to see Charlie Sheen’s one man show in Detroit crash and burn as I was? Apparently, his show began with a large turn out, cheering and expecting a “Tiger Blood” performance. When all they got was more of his ranting and un-understandable rhetoric, instead of applause he was booed. It got so bad that the show ended after the first musical break when Charlie refused to go back on stage and the audience left in droves demanding refunds. In truth it is a real shame to see the self destruction of a fellow human being but all this attention from his “fans” was doing nothing to help him. He is a drug addict and should receive humane treatment but general disdain for his actions. Perhaps now he will be forced to face reality and finally seek the help so many have offered but he falsely believed he does not need.

Next on my hit list today is the Florida Pastor that decided to seek world wide attention for himself and his huge congregation (12 followers) and burn a copy of the Koran. The act itself is just despicable, but doing it knowing the inevitable consequences is unforgivable. I do not know where, how or even if he received his ordination as a minister of God, but he should be defrocked and excommunicated. This was not the act of a Christian. It was not even the act of a civilized man. In addition, the media that carried the story and gave him the attention he was craving should be ashamed of themselves.

The incident brings up 2 important discussions. One regards what should be done to him as a result. It is generally acknowledged that, as hard as it is to accept, our Constitution protects his right to do what he did. I agree but he knew that his act would inflame the Muslim world and peoples lives would be endangered as a result. His mere threat to do this last year resulted in riots and the deaths of several people. For that reason I think he should be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. If anyone does lose their life, he should be charged with Manslaughter. Freedom is not free and it carries responsibility. He did what he did knowing what would happen and he should be held responsible for his actions.

The second discussion is, of course, the ridiculous over reaction by many in the Muslim world. This complete intolerance is just unacceptable and is a salient demonstration of the level of civilization in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It should be a clear lesson to all of us how hard it is going to be to achieve real and lasting peace.

The news from Japan just keeps getting worse. I have been following the reports on a daily basis and I have come to the conclusion that “the authorities” have been trying to hide just how bad things really are there. I know, I know, they are trying to avoid a general panic such as the one here in the United States with idiots buying up all the sodium iodide pills, even as far east as Texas! Unfortunately, it has made it is impossible for me to completely trust anything the authorities say.

Several things are certain. The situation is critical and getting worse despite daily claims that they are getting it under control. Another is that the people battling the fires in the reactors are true heroes who will be paying the ultimate price for their valor. I hope they really do get this under control soon. If they don’t it will be the death nil for the nuclear energy program for years to come. I live about 50 miles from the Oceanside facility here in Southern California and we already have small groups of protesters there demanding the facility be shut down.

Well, Mischief (my Beagle) is pawing my leg and reminding me it is time for her walk and dinner so I guess I’ll let you all off the hook. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to regular blogging tomorrow (probably). And, as always, may you “Live Long and Prosper…”

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