Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let’s Just Chat, Shall We?

I am in a mood to just chat –and there is no way of telling where this is going to lead us, so grab a beer, get comfortable and let’s see what happens….

The tornadoes raging across the middle section of the United States have brought terrible destruction. We are all deeply saddened by the loss of life and property, which they say is going to cost billions to repair. Unfortunately it is not as simple as just ‘rebuilding’ –these people have lost everything –much of which can never be replaced. I can not imagine how awful it must be to suddenly not only be left homeless, but having also lost all your clothes, records, pictures,  possessions and personal keepsakes–and without any warning. Just Terrible!

There are, of course, a few who immediately blamed the whole thing on global warming. Yeah, right –and just how do they explain the fact that this severe weather has hit regularly throughout recorded history in North America? The only reason the damage was so much greater now is that there were so many more people and small towns there now than 100 years ago…

By the way, the twisters were not confined to the mid-west. Here are a couple of pictures of a double water-spout (a tornado on the ocean) just a mile off Honolulu last week. Fortunately these did not come ashore.

I had a friend stop me the other day and ask how I felt about the killing of Osama bin Laden. I was surprised by the question. What surprised me  was the fact that this person regularly reads my blogs and I thought he should have known. Well, maybe I have not been clear about how I feel about it personally, so here. 

As a civilized person who believes that all life is sacred I am usually saddened by anyone’s death. -But in this case I will make an exception and am very, very happy at the thought of bin Laden’s body being eaten by the fishes and his sole burning in the eternal fires of hell. I only regret that the almighty doesn’t let the families of those lost on 9/11 and on the USS Cole throw logs on the fire. There, is that clear enough now?

Speaking about Bin Laden’s death, I am really glad that the event has apparently awakened the American people to our unreliable “alliance” with Pakistan. I have been talking about this for over a year, pointing to the fact that they are actually more closely allied with China than us and that they regularly stab us in the back. The only reason they “help” us is: 1) the $3 billion in annual aid we have been giving them for ten years; and 2) to keep us from a closer relationship with India (who are much better allies).

Just where our relationship with Pakistan goes now is anybody’s guess. I would not be surprised if the Pakistan military suddenly discovers and takes out one or more additional al Qaeda leaders in an effort to show they are “truly on our side”. If they do, I just hope we don’t fall for it. If we continue to send them any more aid, it should be performance based and they should have to work for it a little more.

I watched a You Tube Clip of Minnesota Representative Simon speaking about the question of Same Sex Marriage. I was very good. I put it below and regardless of how you feel about the subject I think this 3 minute clip is well worth watching.

Well, my friends, I guess I have yapped enough for today. You all have a nice day now, ya hear?

And, as always, Live Long and Prosper!

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