Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let’s See What’s Up

1910 police mugshot of Charles Ponz
I was just reading a report from our friends at Strafor about the Chinese economy. Apparently the experts are saying that the Chinese economy is a bit like a poncey scheme. They need a minimum 8% annual growth to sustain them due to their low margins and the fact that they have 16 million people entering the job market annually. That kind of growth is not sustainable….. Well, what does a Communist Government know about business anyway?

Oh, rumors are that “The Donald” (Donald Trump) is considering running for President as an Independent. Well, sorry, I do not buy it. He is too smart to think that any Independent (even him) could win. It is far more likely that he enjoyed all the attention he was getting and wants a little more….

I see one of our favorite news sources (not), The Huffington Post, is being sued. Now that it sold to AOL for 350 million dollars, two Democratic political consultants have filed in court saying that the blend of blogs and articles in the Huffington Post was their idea and that owners, Adriana Huffington and Kenneth Lere, gave them the impression that they were partners. Well, I am no expert, but just how do you have a business like that for so long and only have “the impression” that you were a partner????

The Navy has named a ship (a Lewis and Clark class Cargo Ship) for Cesar Chavez, the Latino labor leader. The Secretary of the Navy said that it was especially fitting considering that it was built at a facility in San Diego where most of the construction force was Latino and lived in a largely Hispanic community. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) was critical of the decision, saying that the ship should have been named after a war hero. Sorry, Congressman, I am not with you on this one. Honoring someone like Cesar Chavez is a good thing to do –and there will be plenty more ships to name  after other people….

Live Long and Prosper….

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