Friday, May 20, 2011

Let’s Talk about Healthcare and Stuff

I see our good friend Harry Reid has managed to help get the entire State of Nevada a waiver from having to comply with the new Healthcare law. –Gee, when they were pushing it through the Senate, Harry was screaming about how important and good it was….I wonder what changed?

Anyway, that makes Nevada the 3rd state to get a blanket waiver. –Let’s see, there are 50, right? O only 47 more to go and no one will have to worry about it…

Oh, and Nevada’s Insurance Division has applied to get free of the requirement that insurance companies spend 80% of premiums on medical costs or lower the premiums. I guess they don’t like spending all that money just on Healthcare –it must not leave enough to buy off Senators…

Speaking of Senator Reid, I see he has managed to get the mining interests in Nevada a really sweet deal not many people seem to be aware of. You see, the mining companies (gold, silver and uranium) can mine on Federal lands in Nevada without paying the government any royalties (a percentage based on the value of what they mine). We have been hearing complains lately about the oil company subsidies but at least they pay out 18 ½% off the top for the value of the cruel oil they pump. That’s a lot better for us tax payers than the 0% we get from the $5 billion dollar per year mining business in Nevada.

I guess it won’t come as much of surprise if I told you there was a report that said good ‘ole Harry Reid has collected $750,000 in contributions since taking office from the mining companies….

Yes, I did hear the Presidents speech on the Middle East –and, no, I really don’t know how I feel about it. It sounded good (he does give a good speech) but I just do not think he understands the Middle East. He applauds developments in Egypt without worrying about the Muslim Brotherhood, insults Bahrain (a place of vital strategic importance to the US), and suddenly tell Israel they must accept borders agreed to 44 years and several conflicts ago. This at a time when Israel is quickly finding itself isolated in a sea of Islamic fundamentalism.

No, I am not sure how I feel about it –but I am definitely not happy about it.

Live Long and Prosper…..

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