Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Stuff to Think About

Here is a very disturbing story from our friends in Iran. The group Iranian Human Rights reported 11 more hangings in Iran the other day. That number is high for a single day, but unfortunately, it is not all that unusual. The shocking part of the story was the picture they showed which shows the hangings being conducted by “civilians” (not uniformed police or officials) and one picture in particular that shows a young teenaged boy acting as an executioner (pulling the stool from under the condemned man).

-When I see scenes like this, the thought of these guys getting their hot little hands on nuclear weapons gives me hives.


Wow, Sarah Palin has bought a house in Arizona and is going off on a bus tour of the good old USA. Those two announcements coming close together have really started the pundits speculating. Is she going to run for President or not? Every one seems to have an opinion –every one that is, except me. I have not got a clue what she is up to –and if 'truth be known', I don’t think anyone else does either. The best thing to do is just sit back and watch. We’ll all know soon enough.

I just read an article talking about President Obama’s success in avoiding a major scandal. The author says his research shows the longest period a President has gone without one was 34 months under President Bush (the scandal then was the Valorie Plame affair). 

I don’t know but it seems to me that some of the article was just plain wishful thinking…. Personally, I think the media love affair with the President has more to do with it than his skill as a politician. I can think of several instances where the scandal was simply not reported or played down with small articles buried on page 16G…..

Don’t worry, my Republican friends, there is still plenty of time. I am sure a good juicy scandal is just around the corner…..

 Live Long and Prosper.....


Ted Leddy said...


Very disturbing photo from Iran but hardly surprising.

As for Sarah Palin. I think she will run but this is just a wild guess. In any event it is far from certain that she would get the nomination. The media will want her to run because she is ratings gold. But truthfully, I think Obama would beat her fairly easily. I just don't think she is presidential. It is not as some suggest, that a conservative woman does not sit well with me. I just don't find her very convincing. She is no Maggie Thatcher or Golda Meir.

Gary said...


I'm going out on a limb here but my guess is that Sarah Palin will not run. I think she is very cleverly maneuvering for political power.

However, if she were to run, I agree with you that she could not get elected -especially against Obama.

That is fine with me. I do not think she is Presidential material.

Of course, she is smart and knows that so there is a possibility that she is going after the VP nomination.... just speculating.