Thursday, June 23, 2011

Let’s Talking Story

Oh, no! It’s another attack of “Monkey Brain” –escape while there is still time…
Too late, your stuck now, at least for a sentence or two, so let’s see where my poor brain takes us.

Here’s one my stalwart Republican friends will enjoy. Did you see where President Obama’s very own Chief of Staff, William Daly, said he didn’t have any good answers for some of what President Obama is doing and expressed frustration about the “bureaucratic stuff that’s hard to defend.”

“Sometimes you can’t defend the indefensible,” Daley said at a National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) meeting.
According to the DailyCaller, Daley couldn’t answer basic questions and continually faced criticism from the executives in the room. The business leaders even applauded each other’s criticism of the administration. “At one point, the room erupted in applause when Massachusetts utility executive Doug Starrett, his voice shaking with emotion, accused the administration of blocking construction on one of his facilities to protect fish, saying government ‘throws sand into the gears of progress,’”

If the message is finally getting through, even to the President’s Chief of Staff, maybe there is some hope.  

Nah, probably not, Mr. Obama is just a wee bit on the stubborn side… and I think he truly believes that what the country needs is more Federal Regulation on  “We the (poor dumb) People”.


Speaking about our Great Leader, sometimes I just can not figure him out. Our current “war situation” is one of those areas. He campaigned on what was basically an anti-war platform but now, two years into his administration, we are more at war then when he took office. In Afghanistan he promised to start winding things down and withdrawing troops next month but in reality he seems to be content with being there until at least 2014. Now, does that  sound like a Democrat to you? Me neither. He has also increased to use of drones in Pakistan, started using them in Yemen and has sent them to Libya (you no, the place where we are firing cruise missiles at Tripoli, have ships and aircraft supporting and coordinating the bombing, paying 75% of NATO’s expenses –but have no boots on the grown so we are not taking military hostile action (no Congressional approval required). No, folks, that does not sound like a liberal Democrat in the White House to me –but what do I know…. Oh well, his ‘tax and spend’ economic policies make up for it.


As many of you know, I lived in Texas for 8 years and I really liked it there. I sometimes miss it very much -especially when I read a story like this one.

Texas has passed legislation (waiting Gov. Perry's signature) thumbing their nose at the Federal Government and their chronic hyper-regulation disease. They are passing a law which will allow Texans to continue buying incandescent light bulbs instead of the politically correct, mercury containing and expensive swirly ones that are more environmentally acceptable to the feds. That works out doubly well for them because it means new in-state manufacturing, new jobs and a wider tax base for the state -a benefit that should irritate the know-it-all liberals in the EPA.


Congratulations are in order for a young Irish golfer named Roy McIlroy who is being called the new Tiger Woods (without the marital scandals, of course). He won the US Open shooting an amazing 16 under par. My dad, bless him, was an avid golfer and would have been particularly proud of the Irish connection -and so am I.

Live Long and Prosper.....

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