Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life is like a Bowl of Cherries

My Grand Dad told me one time that life is like a bowl of cherries. Savor it slowly and it is delicious. Go too fast and you end up in the pits with an upset stomach. These past 2 weeks have been full of pits. Well, if there is one thing I have learned it is that things change and there is a fair chance that next week will get better.

I was pleased to see that the President obviously reads my blog. No, really, the day before yesterday I talked about President Obama not asking for Congressional approval to keep the U.S. involved in Libya as required by law. Yesterday he announced that he will be asking for that approval (and some money to pay for it). Now don’t get me wrong. I am not really delusional enough to think those two events were any more connected then the Japanese inventing Sushi and the Irish discovering Whiskey, but good coincidences like that don’t come along every day so you can send your congratulations, flowers and contributions (in cash) and they will be graciously accepted.  ----Oops, my bad. It turns out that the President has decided to "inform Congress", not ask its permission. He says that because we do not "have boots on the ground" in Libya, this is not a war and he does not need Congressional approval. We can send planes to direct the NATO planes doing the bombing and we can launch cruise missile from US warships but because there are no troops on Libyan soil, we are not involved in a war. --Yeah, right, but what about those SEAL and DELTA Force guys that were in Libya to "light up" the targets for the airstrikes. That was supposed to be a secret so those troops don't count?

Don't worry. Some Congressmen, outraged by the White House actions, have gone to Federal Court and sued to force the White House to either get permission or get out of Libya. Now there is a great idea. Let the courts handle it. That should get our guys home by Christmas (of 2015 or so).

Did any of you see the Republican Presidential Debate hosted by CNN the other night? Wow, talk about boring…. I was anxious to see it because, like just about everyone I know, I just do not know much about many of the people running. I wanted to hear them state their positions and get a feeling for those with policies I like best. Well, good luck. After an hour and a half, no one said anything particularly notable. It looks to me as if they are all trying to get the nomination and are afraid to stray far from the “party line”. I hope that changes. If you look at the last Presidential elections, the deciding factor was the independent vote. It swung to the Democrats when Obama was promising hope and change, then swung to the Republicans when it was clear Obama was not going deliver on his promises. That group is moderate and they are not crazy about conservative Republican positions, especially on social issues. Following the ‘party line” will make it hard for a Republican candidate to get their support in the next general election. Besides, good debate needs to be a little heated –these guys the other night were so boring they had to keep waking each other up.

Speaking about the Presidential elections, I see that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is thinking about throwing his hat in the ring. I like that for a couple of reasons. First, from what little I know about the Governor, I like him. Second, his even talking about running will have the progressives throwing fits. Can you imagine –another Republican Texas Governor in the White House,,,,,, Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar will need CPR.

Live Long and Prosper....

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