Tuesday, June 14, 2011

War Powers Act –Impeachment?

George Will
George Will recently appeared on the Laura Ingram show and made some very good points about President Obama, the liberals and the War Powers Act. You see, under that act the President can only involve U.S. forces in hostile action, such as Libya, for a maximum of 60 days without Congressional Approval. That deadline was passed over a week ago. According to George Will if this exact same situation had happened under the previous President, the liberals would have been clamoring for impeachment. I agree with Mr. Wills but I am also wondering just why the Republicans are remaining so silent on the subject as well.

Whether you agree with it or not, the War Powers Act (enacted in 1974) is the law of the land and it has been clearly violated. I fail to understand why the President can not go to Congress and make the point that American involvement in Libya is necessary. At the very least it would create a healthy and open debate on the subject –something the American people should hear.

It is not my purpose here to judge our participation with NATO in going after Kadhaffi. That is a separate (and important) discussion. It is the blatant hypocrisy of the Administration in defying the law and the failure of both the left and the right to call the President out on it. It creates and perpetuates the impression that the “government” can ignore its own laws for its own convenience.

Both sides, liberal and conservative, should be calling for the President to comply with the law and the threat of an impeachment proceeding would be an effective tool in accomplishing that.

 Live Long and Prosper....

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