Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miscellaneous Mumbo Jumbo

That’s right, boys and girls; Gary is having another ‘Monkey Brain’ morning. The best thing to do when that happens is –Escape while there is still time! The second best thing is to be like the business man who found himself in the strip lounge –don’t ask how we got here, just sit back and enjoy what comes off….

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Here is a good news economic story out of Georgia. It turns out people in China are eating with chopsticks that are made in America and China is apparently eager to boost America’s exports as they load up on these American-made chopsticks.

The Georgia based company has significantly benefited the local economy by creating fifty new jobs. The future seems bright for this company since rumor has it China has a lot of people. –And, personally, I get kind of a kick thinking about all those chopsticks with little tiny “Made in USA” stickers on them….

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In Tennessee some of the local folks are upset and trying to block the construction of a Mosque and Islamic Center. It seems the objections arise because the people building the Center claim that Sharia Law will be enforced on their property and for their congregation. Oops, sorry guys, no can do. In America we have a clear separation of church and state. The law is enforced by the state, not the church –and we only have one set of laws for everyone. I think they need to remember where they are and re-think this idea…..

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Apparently some of the papers seized during the rid that killed Osama bin Laden showed that he was trying to put together an attack on Air Force One or Marine One in an effort to kill President Obama on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11. Bin Laden allegedly wanted to shoot the president's aircraft right out of the sky. The former al Qaeda leader also hoped to kill General David Petraeus.

That is no big surprise but it got me wondering how the country would react to such an assassination or even to an attempt like that. I am quite certain the country would unite in outrage, that is not the question. The thing that makes me wonder is how that would affect the war in Afghanistan. Public support for the war is on a steady and significant decline, with a slight majority of Americans now favoring our withdrawal. A direct attack on the President would very likely change that. Americans, anxious for revenge, would very likely throw enough support behind the war to reverse the withdrawal of troops and actually result in sending another “surge”. That, in turn would create a riff between al Qaeda and the Taliban. The Taliban sees our withdrawal as a sort of victory for them and as providing an opportunity to return to political power in Afghanistan –in other words they like seeing us leave. Al Qaeda, on the other hand, likes seeing us entangled in the Middle East, spending money, exposing our people to attack, spending huge sums of money and alienating enough Muslims to provide them with a healthy recruiting environment. While they say they want “western” troops off Muslim soil, in truth that is the last thing they are anxious to see.

Well, Bin Laden is dead and the attacks did not get to the operational stage or all this is just speculation –but it is something interesting to think about. I mean, it’s not like there is much else to worry over –like the economy, jobs, the Presidential elections, gas prices and stuff….

Live Long and Prosper.....

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