Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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There are some very embarrassed police officers up in Seattle right now. It seems one police officer was finishing his shift so he parked his car in the police garage and proceeded to unload his things from the car. He then walked off forgetting that he had laid his automatic rifle on the trunk of the car. Another police officer then came out, got into the car and drove to a nearby Starbucks, going inside without noticing the weapon on the trunk. Two people passing by saw the unattended powerful weapon and notified some passing police officers on bikes. The Police Department would not say what action is being taken but said that typically an officer who leaves a weapon unattended can expect a reprimand and a couple of day’s suspension. There was no explanation about why city vehicles were used to go get coffee at Starbucks,


For those of us that love the ocean, this story is kind of chilling. A 10-year-old girl is recovering from what doctors said was one of the worst shark bites they've ever seen. It happened in North Topsail Beach in North Carolina. Cassidy Cartwright and her family were vacationing from Pennsylvania. Cassidy was playing in knee-deep water when she felt a sharp pain in her leg. Her mom saw blood and several people rushed to pull her out. Cassidy's leg was split wide open. It turned out the shark ripped through ligaments and some tissue in Cassidy's ankle, but she is expected to recover.

Experts have warned us for years that 60% of all shark attacks happen in 3 feet of water, 15 feet from the shore –so when you go to the beach to play, just keep a sharp eye. That area is also where most people get stung by jelly fish, sting rays and get swept out by rip tides.

Here is a welcome sign that some progress may be happening to get a cease fire in Libya. This was a report of CNN:

Libya's rebel leader says he does not have a problem with Moammar Gadhafi remaining in the country, once he resigns and as long as he remains under supervision, according to a television report.

Mustafa Abdel Jalil contradicted earlier opposition statements that Gadhafi's exit from the country was an absolute prerequisite to bring about the end of the months-long conflict. It signaled a possible willingness to negotiate with the Libyan leader to bring about an end to the fighting.

In a Reuters Television report Sunday, Jalil made the comments while reacting to a proposal put forward by the African Union, which rebels have interpreted to mean Gadhafi should have no further role in the country's leadership.

Jalil told Reuters once Gadhafi resigns, "At that point he can decide if he would stay in Libya or abroad."

"If he desires to stay in Libya, we will be the ones to determine the place and there will be international supervision on all his movements and communications," he said during an interview in the rebel-stronghold of Benghazi.

Jalil took the reins of the rebel movements after resigning from Gadhafi's government in February over what he saw as excessive use of force against demonstrators calling for the leader's resignation.

Libyan government spokesman Musa Ibrahim has previously said the prospect of a peace deal would be welcomed, but not one that rested on Gadhafi's departure.

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