Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sit Down. We have News to Discuss.

My first comment about the day’s goings on is aimed at our National Football League. As you may know, I am a Football fan. I love sitting back, grabbing a beer and spending a Sunday afternoon watching a good game. –Oh, by-the-way, that’s American Football, not the European football we call soccer. I know there are those who say football is too violent and we only watch it for the blood. That is just not true. We fans enjoy watching the skill of the players, anticipating the moves and the tactics and seeing the display of athletic ability -the blood and violence are just a little bonus...

This year the players and the owners have been in contract negotiations which resulted in a lockout and there were rumors that there would be a shortened season, or possibly even no season at all this year. I have tried several times to understand the arguments and to see it from both sides, but I have been unable to form any good opinions or take sides. The players have some legitimate complaints but it is hard for me to relate when they are demanding such a big piece of the profits and salaries are so very high already…. That said, I was very happy last week when the NFL released a schedule for the coming season with pre-season play starting in August. Unfortunately, my happiness may have been premature. Apparently negotiations are still underway and they have not reached an agreement yet. If they do not settle soon the season may still be cancelled. That would mean no money for either side –but the real tragedy in all of this is that I would be forced to watch “round ball” sports like baseball and basketball on Sundays. That could result in major anxiety attacks, withdrawals and may even make my eyes bleed. They just have no consideration for us poor fans…..


There is another report this morning that Lindsay Lohan is in trouble with the judge –again. It seems she is claiming poverty and says that because of her legal problems she has been unable to work the past year and now can not afford the psychological counseling ordered as part of her sentence.  

Sorry guys, I’m not buying that one. It sounds like just another attempt to escape taking responsibility -again…. The judge was not buying it either and noted that she has only completed 33 of the 480 hours of community service ordered. The judge told Lohan’s lawyer that if Lindsey does not complete the terms of her probation then jail is in her future.  

Good! I for one am sick and tired of special treatment for celebrities. Equal treatment under the law is a corner stone of our legal system and that applies to these party girls as much as anyone else. In fact, considering that so many teenage girls look to these “celebrities” as role models, maybe a mandatory and lengthy jail sentence for steeling a necklace would have been better?


Here is a blood-curdling story out of Mexico. A trial has begun for a professional hit man who is accused of killing at least 4 people. In a video taped interrogation he was asked how he killed his victims and he calmly answered that he slit their throats -and then beheaded them.

Now, as bad as that sounds, we hear this kind of stuff pretty regularly in Mexico these days. The thing that makes this case so different is that the hit man is a 14 year old American citizen from San Diego

And I wonder why some mornings I just can not bring myself to read another headline or news story…..

Live Long and Prosper….

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