Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Talking Points for Gary

Century Eggs
First up on my trip through today’s silliness is a report on CNN’s blog section that was discussing the world’s most disgusting foods. At the top of their list was one that I personally would have to agree with, Century Eggs. The blogs author, Danny Holwerda, described the food on his blog as “THE STUPIDEST MOTHERF*CKING THING I HAVE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH.” –and that was probably the kindest thing he had to say about it. But what caught my attention was the response to his blog. The comment section was literally filled with Chinese visitors expressing general outrage that he did not like the dish. The comments ranged from calling him culturally depraved to being a racist and even a couple of thinly veiled death threats. Wow, it is amazing how, with all of the things we could be arguing about, a comment that Century Eggs are awful can start an international conflict. I think some people really need to calm down, double check their priorities, and be happy with the fact that many of us actually like Chinese Food –well, maybe not Century Eggs, but a big helping of Mu Gu Gia Pan would be great right now. 

At this point I would mention that I am not a big fan of kimchi either –but then it would probably give the North Koreans an excuse for another nuclear weapons test….

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Are you still glad the Egyptian awakening got rid of Mubarak? Well maybe not so glad when you hear this. It’s hard to imagine people in the modern age claiming — with a straight face –that the Holocaust never occurred. Yet, this is exactly what Ahmed Ezz El-Arab, a vice chairman of Egypt’s Wafd Party, believes. In addition to dubbing this monumental historical occurrence “a lie,” in a recent interview with The Washington Times, the political leader claims that Anne Frank’s memoir is “a fake” and that the 9/11 attacks were “made in the U.S.A.” –I know, I know, the Egyptians are free and far better off now, but maybe, just maybe, we should ask our military to think hard before giving them all that military aid…..

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One person is not so sure Pre4sident Obama will get re-elected. The President himself. With all the work he has to do fighting 3 wars, keeping the country from defaulting on its debts and going into a depression, finding jobs get the unemployment rate down, addressing the immigration problem, securing the southern border, keeping Joe Biden from putting his foot in his mouth – he has still found time to raise huge amounts of money for his campaign. Over the past 3 months he and his entourage, including Michelle and Joe, have gone to big ticket fund raising events –every other day (according to Fox Nation)!

Well, I guess that is not so surprising. He does have all those high paid Czars to run the government for him….

Live Long and Prosper…..

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