Thursday, August 4, 2011

Always an Angle

I love politicians. They always have an angle and the Vice President is no exception. While keeping Vice President Biden and his family safe, the Secret Service is also cutting him a rent check every month.

According to a new report, the Secret Service pays the vice president $2,200 per month to rent a cottage next to his waterfront home outside Wilmington, Delaware. The Washington Times reports that Biden has raked in more than $13,000 since April from the agency tasked with protecting him, and under the terms of their contract could make up to $66,000 by the end of 2013.

The arrangement may be a matter of convenience. A Secret Service spokesman told the Times that the close location allows agents to give the Bidens that extra level of protection and security. Though taxpayer watchdogs questioned the arrangement, Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan explained: "It's a rental property so we pay rent there." -Of course it is, and the fact that they are there to protect Joe and his family has nothing to do with it, right?


Here is a little inspiration for the day taken from “TheBlaze”:

"Lily Anderson is just 10-yrs-old, but her rendition of the National Anthem before Thursday’s Braves-Pirates game at Turner Field in Atlanta inspired the longest standing ovation Braves pitcher Peter Moylan has ever witnessed. Lily’s remarkable performance was part of “Rally Night,” a special event for kids fighting cancer. And fighting cancer is exactly what Lily has been doing since she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer in 2009. Despite a two year battle that included chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, on Thursday night Lily Anderson delivered the National Anthem with all of the grace and professionalism one might expect from a seasoned performer. 

We salute this young lady and all of the participants in Rally Night.

And for the record, The Pittsburgh Pirates came to Atlanta and beat the Braves on Thursday night, 5-2… but thanks to Lily and the rest of the Rally Kids, there were no losers"

You can watch a clip of this performance on You Tube (click here for the link) but I could not put in here in the blog because it was a CBS property and they d not allow embedding.

Live Long and Prosper.....

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