Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Discussion Continues

Well boys and girls, I sat down to do my blog today and there were so many things in the news the last couple of days I just did not know where to start. My mind started swinging from topic to topic –oh no, another attack of monkey brain! There is no telling where this is going so get comfortable and when we get to the end we’ll know where we’ve been (probably).

Well, most of the pundits are saying that the Republicans are heading into a three way horse race between Romney, Bachmann and Perry. They are probably right. Mit is considered the lest likely of the three but I am not so sure. Remember that in the primary, only the Republicans vote –no independents. So, with a large part of that demographic supporting the Tea Party and wanting a staunchly conservative, you’d normally think Bachmann and Perry would have the advantage. The problem is, they are too similar and they could simply wind up splitting that support –and, yes, allowing Mit’s minority support to out number either of the others individually….. So, I am not so sure he is the lest likely after all…

FOX News has been running a story about how our buddies, the Pakistani’s, gave their other buddies, the Chinese, access to our secret stealth technology when they let them inspect the tail rotor of the helicopter that crashed during the raid that killed Bin Laden. What surprises me is that it has taken so long for them to get worked up about it. We knew that was happening months ago –I even blogged about it myself. Well, better late then never…

BART (the Bay Area Rapid Transit System) did something right last week. It seems they got tipped off that some people were planning a protest to shut down their Civic Center Station. This group has done this before and caused long delays in service. The attitude until now was that protesters had a right to protest and for 'politically correct' reasons, no one wanted to do much about it.

This time, however, the BART Board said ‘enough already’. They sent in a strong police presence to keep protestors from blocking commuters getting on and off trains –and they shut down cell phone service in the station. That kept the protesters from using social media to counter respond and kept the protest low key and disruptions almost nonexistent. The ACLU had a heart attack and accused BART of using the same tactics as Mubarak in Egypt to put down protests. Ludicrous, I know, but usually effective against companies and agencies paranoid of being thought politically incorrect. This time though, BART said “that’s just too bad”. –I sure wish more outfits would grow a backbone like that.

Despite the current economic crisis facing the nation, our Congressional and Senate representatives insisted on taking a recess. One of the major justifications was so that they could return to their constituencies to hold town meetings and get in touch with the people they represent. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Well, I got on the internet and found something interesting. Of the 535 members of the Congress and the Senate I could only find 12 actually involved in Town-hall meetings in just 4 places. It seems that many, if not the majority, are using the time to vacation, and not even in thier own districts. -and you wonder why their approval ratings are at an all time low...

Well before you start yelling “enough already” at me, I’ll wind this one up for the day. Ya’ll come back now, hear?

Live Long and Prosper…..

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