Monday, August 15, 2011

Mexico has some Serious Problems of Their Own

Oscar Montoya accused of being involved in 900 murders
Mexico has filed “friend of the court” briefings supporting Federal Law suits against the states of Arizona and Alabama opposing laws they passed in an attempt to do something about illegal immigration in their states. Mexico also apparently has the time and resources to file civil rights appeals in the cases of several convicted rapists and murders in Texas and New Mexico who are Mexican citizens in this country illegally. 

Those actions by themselves would make for an interesting debate seeing as how Mexico, as a sovereign foreign power, has no standing under U.S. law to involve itself in the internal affairs of our Federal government and individual states. But, to me, what adds a dimension of hypocrisy to the whole thing is that Mexico has some very serious problems of their own right now. Just this morning there was a story finding its way into the headlines which demonstrates the severity of those problems.

Authorities in the central state of Mexico arrested a suspected drug-gang leader who confessed to directly carrying out 300 homicides and ordering 600 others (yeah, you read that right, this guys is responsible for 900 violent murders!).

Oscar Osvaldo Garcia Montoya, a deserter from Mexico's marines, is one of the country's deadliest drug assassins. The arrest was made Thursday at a home in Mexico City that was being used as a safe house for Garcia Montoya's La Mano con Ojos (The Hand with Eyes) gang. Garcia Montoya, originally from the northwestern Mexican town of Guasave, also went by the name of Jesus Castro Serrano.

The federal AG's office had been offering 5 million pesos (more than $400,000) for information leading to the suspect's capture, although authorities did not know his real name and had only identified him by one of several aliases.

Among other crimes, authorities say Garcia Montoya was behind the massacre of 24 people in the La Marquesa forest outside Mexico City in September 2009. He also is suspected of controlling drug distribution in several towns in Mexico state, which surrounds Mexico City, as well as in part of the Mexican capital.

The suspect received military instruction from the Mexican marines before deserting and also was trained in Guatemala by an elite special operations force known as the Kaibiles, which he said taught him "how to kill" (apparently something they taught him very well).

Garcia Montoya also worked as a police officer in Baja California Sur state and as a municipal police in the cities of Los Mochis and Ahome in Sinaloa state, where he entered the drug business in 2002 as a member of the Beltran Leyva organization, first as a hit man and later as a bodyguard for the group's top leaders. He later split from the Beltran Leyva gang and founded La Mano con Ojos, which is known for using extreme violence against its rivals. The organization was notorious for decapitating the majority of its victims.

The suspect said after his capture that this weekend he was going to decapitate "six members of his organization who wanted to desert" and planned to record some of the killings and send the videos to the media. The state attorney general said he will request that Garcia Montoya be held at a maximum-security facility (gee, that sounds like a pretty good idea to me).

If the drug cartels in Mexico were political organizations, instead of criminal organizations, we would be saying that Mexico is in the middle of an open and bitter civil war. But, never fear, with Hezbollah now well established and operating in Mexico, providing arms and training to several of the cartels, politics is just around the corner in this bloody struggle. Anyone who does not realize the threat all of this poses for the United States, especially to our citizens living along the border, is either in denial or is delusional.

Live Long and Prosper....

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