Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Threats for Comedians

Being a “celebrity” comes with a set of problems. One is that you become known to what I lovingly call the “crazies of the world” –that group includes terrorists, stalkers and other mentally challenged individuals. A few days ago one of these crazies posted a call for cutting out David Letterman’s tongue because he made a joke about the killing of an Al Qaeda leader. Now his network-mate Craig Ferguson received an envelope in the mail containing white powder and a claim that it was anthrax. 

Ferguson and his staff at the Late Late Show were brave enough to handle it like true professionals; by making fun of it.

It began as a threatening message was found in an envelope packed with a mysterious white powder. The building was evacuated and two employees who were exposed were held until a hazardous materials team was able to determine that the material was thankfully not dangerous.

The show was taped late yesterday but still in time to air as scheduled. Ferguson made light of the matter in a hilarious monologue in which he joked about wanting to “test” the white powder himself using “a special test that I conducted between 1979 to 1992.”

You’ve got to respect Letterman, Ferguson, and their staffs for being able to still perform as usual after scares such as these.

Watch the monologue from CBS below:

Live Long and Prosper....

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