Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chris Christie for President???

Chris Christie, the Republican Governor of New Jersey, will be giving a speech at the Regan Library in California today. Reports are that he will be speaking about American Exceptionalism and Ronald Regan’s legacy. There are also rumors that he is re-evaluating the idea of entering the race for the Presidency. I do not know if that is true but I do know that if he does he would become a candidate who could win the nomination and who could beat Obama –and he would be the first candidate, Republican or Democrat, that I could get behind enthusiastically in a long time.

I really like his direct, no nonsense approach, his willingness to take on special interests (like the powerful teachers union in New Jersey) and, very importantly, his ability to reach across the isle to get support from the Democrats. Chris Christie has some traits that may be, let’s say less than polished. He has a temper which occasionally shows and his direct manner sometimes offends some people, especially the more “politically correct” factions. But I find those refreshing and honest –something I believe we sorely need in Washington.
The Republicans are obviously not too happy with the current batch of candidates. This has been made clear by Michelle Bachmann’s quick rise to the lead, then quick demise after she talked about her ultra conservative positions and her unwillingness to compromise. When Rick Perry entered the race, many Republicans immediately switched to supporting him and he shot to the lead over night but, once again, after three disappointing performances in the debates, his lead dwindled dramatically. The time is now just perfect for Christie to throw in his hat. I think he would go right to the top in the polls and be able to get the financial support he will need to win in 2012.

He has said repeatedly that he does not intend to run and the only evidence to the contrary are just rumors combined with a window of opportunity for him, but I for one hope he changes his mind and makes a run. If he does, I will be one person who will get behind him and I know many of my friends will as well.

Live Long and Prosper....

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