Friday, September 23, 2011

President Obama Just Did Not Know…??

President Obama is just not having an easy time of it lately. Aside from dealing with the jobless economy, the deficit, the budget, the Arab Spring, Chinese military build up, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Libya, Mexican drug wars and a deadlocked hyper-partisan Congress, he now has several scandals winding up the trail to the doors of the White House.

First there is the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun running mess that is now uncovering emails from “White House” sources, in spite of repeated claims that no one in the senior administration knew a thing about it (and a speech by our Attorney General bragging about the program in Caracas over a year ago).

Then there was the Solyndra $535 million loan guarantee, which again, no one in the White House knew anything about (except now we find the man behind Solyndra was a “frequent White House visitor” during the weeks just prior to the loan approval). –Oh, and this week there is word Solyndra may have applied for another half billion dollar loan guarantee so this could reach a billion dollars in tax-payers hard earned cash by the time it all comes out.

Next General Shelton claimed he was pressured to change his testimony before Congress to say that damage to our military’s internet and cyber communications networks by a new multi-billion dollar system being proposed by a company with more direct ties to the White House than there are trees in an arboretum. The General has not revealed who put the pressure on him yet except to say it was from higher up outside the Pentagon. (Gee, higher than a General but not in the military? Who could that be, I wonder?).

As if all those were not enough, now there is news that the Obama Administration approved a $300,000+ HUD Grant to "an affiliate of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).” That grant was illegal under a law passed saying no taxpayer funds could be issued to ACORN 'or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or allied organizations.' AHCOA was previously named 'Acorn Housing Corporation,' a group that did a lot of business with ACORN. Acorn Housing changed its name to AHCOA in late 2009. Until the end of August, AHCOA's website boasted that it was 'formerly Acorn Housing Corporation.' The organization has since removed that bit of history. The 'new' organization has the same Chicago address and phone number as Acorn Housing did." I can’t help but wonder which senior HUD official will be asked to fall on his sword over this one.

Even if you are an ardent Obama supporter, you’ll have to admit there are just so many times he can say that he did not know about any of these things without sounding a little like Marie Antoinette saying “let them eat cake”. My advice to Republicans: Nominate someone who can win the independents. Remember George W. Bush? When he ran for re-election, Iraq was a nasty mess and the country was already war-weary. The Democrats should have been able to beat him, but who did they nominate? John Kerry, a far left Democrat that many independent voters would rather sit naked in a tub of sting-rays than vote for…

Live Long and Prosper...

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