Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New Russian Empire

There are beginning to be rumors about Russia trying to put together a modernized version of the old Soviet Empire, this time with Putin solidly at center stage and no Communist Central Committee to slow him down.

Well hell, I’ve been telling you that for a couple of years now. Ever since Putin “stepped down” from the Presidency and installed a hand picked stooge to hold the post for one term until he could step back up, I have been telling you he has grand plans for Russia. And those plans include conning, convincing or intimidating the former soviet states (all those …‘stans on the map plus the Eastern European ones like Latvia, Lithuania, George and Ukraine) into joining some sort of a new federation, probably economically based (similar to the EU) –but with Putin’s hand pulling the strings.

Just a little something to make Peter the Great jealous.... (have you seen the new uniforms for the Kremlin and Presidential Guards?

Putin is very smart and very patient. Right now he needs room to maneuver his well thought out plan. He does not want to invite too much outside attention, especially from the U.S., so he is “cooperating” by helping get supplies into Afghanistan and withholding some critical materials from Iran. Not too much, you understand, just enough to keep us satisfied we are making progress in achieving good relations with Russia.

But, watch out. This guy has an agenda –if I were living in one of the former Soviet countries I would start learning Russian. Oh, and my European friends… watch out for that oil coming through the Russian pipeline. It is going to get irresistibly cheap before it becomes incredibly expensive….

Live Long and Prosper....
Живите долго и Проспер

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