Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eric Holder plays Race Card -Again

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. in a new outrageous abuse of his office as the nation's highest law enforcement officer, claims Jim Crow is returning. In a recent speech, Mr. Holder said that attempts by states to pass voter identification laws will disenfranchise minorities, rolling back the clock to the evil days of segregation. He said that minorities fear that “the same disparities, divisions and problems” now afflict America as they did in 1965 prior to the Voting Rights Act. That is to say the Obama administration is claiming our democracy is being threatened by racist Republicans. Hence, the Justice Department must prevent laws requiring a photo ID to vote from being enacted.

According to Holder, voter ID laws disproportionately discriminate against poor blacks and Hispanics - citizens who cannot afford to acquire a driver’s license, passport or other form of photo identification. The latest victim is South Carolina; its voter ID law has been blocked by the Justice Department. Liberal Democrats - taking their cue from the White House - are portraying the national movement for election reform as an authoritarian assault upon civil liberties. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has even petitioned the United Nations, asking it to declare states’ voter ID laws human rights abuses. For the radical left, America has become Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

This would be comical if the consequences were not so serious. South Carolina’s legislation provides for free ID cards to be given to anyone who needs it. Not one person - white, black or brown - is discriminated against or discouraged from casting a vote at the ballot box. That is a solution which could easily be enacted in all states requiring you to identify yourself in order to vote. Moreover, the Supreme Court already has ruled on the issue - upholding state voter ID laws. In the 2008 Crawford v. Marion County Election Board decision, the high court held that an Indiana law mandating photo identification at the voting booth was indeed constitutional. If it is good enough for the Supreme Court and the overwhelming majority of the states, then it should be for Mr. Holder as well.

And finally, I just can not let this subject pass without pointing to Mr. Holder's blatant hypocrisy in all this. Remember that it was in the last election that Eric Holder and his Justice Department failed to punish the New Black Panthers when they were caught on video tape intimidating voters and carrying a club outside a polling station. Just where the hell was his concern over our voting rights then? Apparently, it is only abusive if it interferes with the Democrat's ability to stack the votes in their favor.... Please, Mr. Holder, it is really past time for you to go. Do the honorable thing and resign (I would suggest the "Japanese" version of the "Honorable Thing" to do, but that would be asking too much....)

Live Long and Prosper...

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