Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fighting Monkey Brain today

I started to write a piece about Hezbollah's activities in Thailand. It seems they have arrested one suspect and are looking for another after uncovering a plot to attack western tourists. Hezbollah, best known for it's Palestinian activities, is a world wide organization often engaging in terrorist activities on par with al Qeda. I have already noted that they have offices in Venezuela and in Mexico where they are engaged in arms dealing and training for the drug cartels. I wonder just how they square that up with the Koran?

Anyway, I started getting my research notes together and was suddenly hit by an attack of Monkey Brain. There is no telling just where this blog is going now...

It is sad to watch the politics at play in the Republican primaries. The candidates, all of them, seem determined to be more childish and vengeful then the others, as if it somehow makes them look more qualified to be President. Enough already. Stop the nasty stuff and just talk about how to fix the many, many problems facing the country. And that should (must) start with overhauling Congress and the entire Federal Government. Who do I like you ask? None of them. I am always, and I mean always, disappointed with the quality of the final group of candidates from both parties in each election. This time is no different. I kind of like Newt but he's been showing his mean face a little to often. Mit will likely get the nod in the end. Well, he has been getting better at debating -and he will really need those skills when he goes up against Obama and the entire left wing of the Democratic party.

-In the final analysis it will be the Independents that will decide the issue and I think Mit has a chance to attract a good portion of that group. We'll just have to wait and see. In the meanwhile, it's going to be a bumpy ride to November.

 Personally, I am hoping for a "brokered convention" that takes several ballots. If that happens, all bets are off. Who knows, maybe we'll wind up with Christy or Jeb Bush (that'd make me happy).

Oh, and thanks again for all those nice birthday wishes. I really appreciated it -especially since this is the first year none of you make any "over the hill" jokes. When I hear those I remind the person that I still get asked for ID buying booze at the local liquor store (what I don't tell them is that the clerks there are required to check all ID's, no exceptions....).

Live Long and Prosper...

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