Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Stuff to Talk About

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. I think I'll discuss a few items in the news and get a few things off my chest. I'll try to keep it as "G" Rated as I can -but no promises.

First up is the EPA -that is the Environmental Protection Agency of our bloated list of Federal Bureaucracies. This agency is apparently determined to replace the IRS as the most hated institution in Washington. The latest outrage involves some good old plain harassing of a couple in the mid-west. These people bought a half acre of land to build a home of their dreams. The property was purchased and they started clearing a patch to ready it for the foundation. That is when the EPA entered the scene and ordered them to halt construction. It seems the land was classified as "wetlands" -although no one from the escrow company or the Realtors or the building commission knew anything about the "wetlands" tag. The EPA ordered the couple to not only stop construction, but to remove the gravel and replace the land taken out while leveling. They also ordered the planting of non-native plants, approved by them. If the couple fails to comply they will get fined $35,000 -a day! The interesting part came when the EPA representatives told the couple that, once the land had been reclaimed as wetland, they could then apply and get a permit from the EPA to build the home exactly where and how they had started to do originally. Are you feeling the frustration yet? Imagine how that couple feels. Anyway, this particular couple decided to take on the bureaucracy and go to court where is has now reached to Supreme Court. It is hoped the highest court in the land will see the injustice in all this and find in their favor. I know I'll be watching....

Next up is Eric Holder -again. This time a private non-profit group is concerned about the violence in many of the Occupy Wallstreet protests. They wrote to the DOJ Inspector General and asked that someone investigate the source of past violence in hope of addressing it and heading off more potential violence before the protests start up again in the spring as promised. Actually that is a very good idea. If it turns out, as alleged, that some unions and/or political groups such as the Communist Party of America, are orchestrating the violence -well we certainly would like to know and see the proper people held accountable. Sounds reasonable, right? Not if you are Eric Holder. The DOJ Inspector Generals Office has flatly refused to investigate. -Now don't get all excited. You should not have gotten your hopes up in the first place. Did you forget that this is an election year (as if that was even possible)? Eric Holder has no intention whatsoever of letting the "Justice Department" step on union toes! Silly us -we keep thinking the expression "Justice is blind" means everyone is equal under the law. Under this Administration it simply means what it says. Justice is blind (deaf and dumb too).

Speaking of the Administration, it seems that the White House chief of staff is headed back to Chicago. The revolving door at the White House is starting to wear out. The new Chief of Staff is Jacob Lew, a long-time Democratic manager, policy maker and budget deal maker. His arrival in the West Wing means President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden can quit running the country on a daily basis and stay almost full-time on the campaign trail. The outgoing chief of staff, Bill Daley, will return to his home in Illinois. Daley was hired shortly after the Democrats' stinging defeat in the 2010 midterm elections to help build ties between Obama and both the GOP and the business sector. But those efforts at compromise needed Obama's approval, which Daley didn't get. Instead, his outreach efforts were trumped by Obama's political priorities, which included tax increases, expanded government regulation of business and constant conflict with the GOP's majority in the House and minority in the Senate. Daly says this was a voluntary move, but, there is an unconfirmed rumor that Daly intends to vote Republican this year.

OK, enough political stuff for today... Be well and

Live Long and Prosper....

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