Monday, January 16, 2012

Witches Take Credit for Tebow's Defeat -only in America

I love America. We are a nation of people who love our freedom, including the freedom to be dumb as a rock. This story is a perfect example. It seems a group of witches, who happen to be Patriot football fans, got together and decided Tebow, of the Denver Broncos, was playing too darned good and they wanted to help their team beat the Broncos in the play offs.

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) prays in the end zone before the start of NFL football games. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady may not need the help, but some witches cast a spell to put an end to Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s miraculous season.

Witches Lorelei and Lori Bruno held a seance at noon – Friday the 13th – at Haven Crow Corner in Salem, Mass. to fix a win for the Pats.

“I’m going to raise the energy of the universe and send out all the good mojo,” Lorelei told the Boston Herald. “Lori will call in the Angels.”

The good witches didn’t hex Tebow, as it’s “not their way,” but they set up an altar with a hand-sewn Brady puppet and mojo bags filled with herbs and stones for every Patriots team member.At the altar, the witches chanted, “Tom Brady will see what he needs to see, be where he needs to be and will take the Patriots to another victory.”

Hunky QB Brady, married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is a bigger draw for the witches of Salem than another recent marquee recipient of their spells, Charlie Sheen.

“You know, when we had our spiritual intervention for Charlie Sheen last year, we had a hard time getting all the girls to come,” laughed Lorelei. “But when we told them this Circle was for Tom Brady, oh, everybody will be there!”

“We want the true champion to come out on Saturday night,” Bruno added. “But since we live in Patriot Land, it’s red, white and blue and make the dream come true!”

Well, as you probably know by now, the next day the Patriots beat the Broncos by 45 to 10. Even Tebows "miricle working" could not save the team from defeat.

Was there, perhaps, something to all this mojo stuff? I don't know but I have a feeling it's all just a good hearted way to show the world how really dumb some of us Americans can be....

Live Long and Prosper....

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