Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time for My Opinions -Get out the Valium

OK, OK, I have been asked my opinion on several topics over and over and, while I think I have been fairly clear on a few subjects, thus far I have generally been able to avoid showing my true colors and have remained somewhat elusive on some others. I have been doing this on purpose regarding some issues either because my opinions are personal and I simply did not feel like arguing and defending them, or because I did not feel they were any body's business. Well, I guess it's time to pull back the curtain and take positions on a few subjects. So get your pitch forks, torches and ropes ready -here we go....

Republican Primaries

A circus. I do not like any of the candidates -and it seems that most Republicans don't either. Rick Santorum is the current rising star having "swept" the last few state primaries -what people do not mention is the fact that less than 2% of the registered voters even bothered to vote -so claims to "the will of the people" are a little over-blown, wouldn't you say? And Rick Santorum, really? A man who would pass Constitutional Amendments to make abortion illegal from the moment of conception under all circumstances, bar same-sex marriage and make an entire class of Americans second class citizens, re-instate DADT, set race and civil rights progress back a decade and is so set in his conservative ideology he would not give in on a single issue -resulting in 4 more years of complete deadlock in Washington. He likes to claim he is the only candidate that has won a Senate seat from an incumbent Democrat -but he fails to mention that as the incumbent Republican defending that seat, he lost

And, of course, there is the inevitable question -who would you vote for in the general election if it were a choice between Santorum and Obama? That's like asking me to choose between striping and sitting naked in a camp fire or just swallowing one of the hot embers. Fortunately, I really do not think little Ricky is going to get that far. The media and the "Super Pacs" have pretty much ignored him up until now but with his resent wins that is about to change. By the time they are through with him he will be lucky to get elected dog catcher in his local county.

The Situation with Iran

No good answers there but I think our government has really screwed the pouch on this one. We missed the opportunity to support a possible regime changing uprising following the last elections in Iran and we have fooled around with sanctions -trying to use economics conditions to force an ideologically entrenched regime to change its ways - which is kind of like telling a lion he can't have any cake if he eats the rabbit. The result has been that we have brought some discomfort to the Iranian people -something their government could not care less about -and not done much to slow, let alone stop, their nuclear program.

I believe military confrontation is inevitable and the longer we put off facing it the uglier and more costly it will become. I think we should allow Israel to take whatever actions they believe necessary and we should support them tooth and nail. Period. Do it, get it over and get on with other important things. As for interference by other Arab nations or by Russia or China.-well most Arab nations would be secretly very happy to see an end to Iran's nuclear program -and as for Russia and China -they will make noise but won't lift a finger to help Iran.


My basic position is simple. Do not raise taxes or usage "fees". Having said that, facing a deficit as out of control as we have, I admit it may be necessary to break that rule. But, first we need to fix the tax code and either go to some form of flat tax or at least do away with the myriad of tax breaks and loop holes that allow corporations and the very rich, who should be taxed at 25 to 35% currently, but actually pay at closer to 13% in reality, to pay closer to a 'fair share'. Fix that first and cut back the size of the Federal bureaucracy and we would probably not need to raise any ones tax rate. As for a National Sales Tax to reduce the deficit -I think that is about as bad an idea as anyone has had since Custer decided to attack the Indian village (oh, excuse me, the Native American encampment).

Same Sex Marriage

Oh, now here is an important issue. The world economy is on the brink of collapse, the Iranians are about to get nuclear bombs, Mexico is close to being taken over by drug cartels, millions are starving to death world wide, the Muslim Brotherhood is about to take over in Egypt, America has a record high unemployment rate problem, millions of Americans are facing foreclosure on their homes -are we really going to waste time and money arguing about who can or can't marry whom? Honestly? Are we nuts? The whole question is a ludicrous waste of time. Besides, the question is not really complicated at all. Are they US citizens? Yes. Should they have the same right to do whatever any other citizens can do? Yes. Is it necessary for everyone to agree or approve how other citizens choose to live? No. Now, wasn't that easy? Oh, and don't throw the "it's an abomination" thing at me. That only works from a religious perspective and only if you happen to belong to a religion that believes that. We have many churches in this country that do not believe that and we have a separation of church and state to protect us from being forced to live by the standards of some one else's religious beliefs. Protestants don't have to go confess, Catholics don't have to have a Bar Mitzvah and no one has to listen to Reverend Wright. It's a very good system.
OK, now I have stated my opinions on a few of the issues. Are you happy? I told you to get out the Valium. You can take out your "Gary Voodoo Dolls" and start sticking pins in them whenever you're ready. Have a great day and, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson, I'll be back....

Live Long and Prosper....

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