Friday, March 9, 2012

More Talking Points

Hello there. Ready to put up with a little more of my random griping? Good. Let's get started.

First up on today's hit list is the media coverage of the civil war in Syria. What's up with that? Are they trying to get us all worked up so we run over and get directly involved in another war in the Middle East? Don't get me wrong. I do not like the killing of innocent civilians any more than the next guy, but, I also do not like to see us sticking our nose into another conflict where our national interests are not involved. It always turns out bad for us

The "bad government" commits atrocities against it's people, our journalists show pictures of it taking place, the rebels claim they will be annihilated without our help and beg for military aid, we put on a white hat and go charging in with our check book (going "tilt") and putting our troops at risk - and for what? The new "good government" starts bad mouthing western life style, complains about foreign interference with their internal affairs, arresting westerners (i.e. Libya and Tunisia), sell their raw materials and oil to China -and we are left broke and looking like fools.

Think I am exaggerating a bit about the media coverage? Well, I did a little non-scientific survey (as they say) on just one day this week and found that while FOX News did not have a single story about Syria on it's web site, CNN ran 5 separate stories on it's site plus a "live blog". At the same time CNN also ran 4 stories on the Republican Primaries, 3 on the tornado devastation across 7 states and one on Lynsey Lohan hosting Saturday Night Live...

I know we need to fix Washington, but I think it's time we discussed how our media has such a free hand to influence and manipulate public opinion. No, I am not talking about censorship -but a little transparency in how they decide what and how to cover would be nice. And I also think it's time they get called out on their biases.

On another note, I see that Putin has won the elections in Russia and will return as President (did he ever really leave?). Big surprise. But watch out, that man has an agenda and I don't think it has as much to do with promoting world peace as it does about bringing back a Russian Empire.

Live Long and Prosper...

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