Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Have You Noticed How Visible the Atheists Have Become Lately?

Over the past few years, and especially lately, I have been noticing that atheists have been "coming out of the closet" more and more. I see where the military is even hosting a concert specifically for atheists at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. There is something about that I find troubling. It's not that I have any problem with what religious beliefs -or lack thereof- a person has. And I certainly believe in an individuals right to express what he or she believes -or does not believe-. But, when it comes to atheists, I have found that they are always ready to use any opportunity to poke fun at religion or ridicule people of faith. That I find annoying.

I have known several self proclaimed atheists in my time and every one of them had a mean spirited, self indulging streak in them. I am not saying that all atheists are like that -but every one of them I have known personally certainly has been. I am not a psychiatrist but perhaps it comes from the very lack of faith that makes them atheists. That may be what makes them insecure and cynical. I do not know, but I do know that they can be very irritating -especially when they get together as they seem to be doing often these days.

Over the past decade or so we have seen them causing a lot of trouble -unnecessary trouble, all around the country. They tried to get the words "under God" removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. They have sued in Federal Courts to take down war memorials because they contained crosses. They have prevented students from praying in school -on their own time. There are even schools that have been so intimidated by them that students are not allowed to wear a cross or a Star of David on a personal neckless. And, of course, there is their "War on Christmas" -every year we have to be inundated with stories about them complaining about the display of Nativity Scenes and other Christmas decorations. They even had several whole cities ban Christmas Trees in public and some schools banning students from exchanging Christmas Cards. Some colleges can no longer call their time off in December (time originally set aside for students to be able to spend Christmas with their families) a Christmas Vacation but must refer to it now as a "Winter Break". Give me a break...

I'm telling you, this is out of control. Atheists represent less than 2% of the entire population but seem to relish disrupting all of our lives and tearing apart our cherished customs and traditions. Our Constitution provides for a separation between church and state to prevent one religion from becoming too powerful and dominating politics. It was never intended to allow a small minority to prevent the mass majority from expressing their religious beliefs. That includes putting Christmas Trees in court houses and other public buildings and parks (buildings and parks paid for, by the way, by the hard earned taxes of that mass majority).

We Americans sometimes get a little carried away worrying about the rights of the minority. So carried away that we forget or ignore the rights of the majority. Atheists have a right to be atheists and they have a right to express their views and live their lives without persecution. But, people who have religious beliefs also have a right to have those beliefs and to express those beliefs without persecution. The next time your city or county or state government bows down to some atheist group and starts to remove a war memorial or a Nativity Scene or a Christmas Tree -speak up! Don't just stand ideally by and let them take your rights away. You have a right to enjoy seeing your City Hall decorated for Christmas or watch kids admiring a Nativity Scene in the local park -or showing appreciation for our "honored dead" by putting up a war memorial which contains an acknowledgement that this was and is a Christian nation. Demand they stop complaining about something which is an integral part of what made this country. If the atheists want to go to court -let them, it is their right. They almost always lose anyway -but that's not the point. The point is that you must confront bullies -every time. And make no mistake, these atheist groups have become bullies. They try to intimate us by using our laws against us in ways those laws were never intended. We need to stop worrying so much about Political Correctness and stand up to them -or any bully. If we don't, we'll find our rights being slowly taken away, never to return.

Wow, I guess I have ranted about that enough for now. Sorry but sometimes people act so stupidly (that includes the atheist groups and the rest of us for putting up with it) that I just get angry. Take care and I'll see you tomorrow...

Live Long and Prosper....

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