Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It Just Keeps Getting Better...

I thought I had run through most of the crazy stuff happening lately -but no. Here is a story from our friends down in beautiful Brazil, home of the worlds largest Mardi Gras. 2 people have been arrested and charged with murder. "Not good, but not unusual" you say? Well these two were charged with killing people, then eating some of the body parts -then grinding up the rest and baking them into meat pies which they sold in the local market.... Yuk.... I'll bet the people that bought those pies are now strong supporters of Capital Punishment...

To change the subject (please), authorities in northern Pakistan were looking for 384 inmates who escaped from a prison early Sunday morning after Taliban militants raided the facility. Only four prison officials were wounded in the attack, which lasted more than two hours. Among the escapees were 21 high-profile militants.

The attackers apparently were aiming to free a senior Taliban commander. Prison records were destroyed in the attack and officials were still working to verify the names and crimes of those who escaped. They did verify, however, that two of the inmates who escaped had been awaiting execution. One, Adnan Rashid, had been found guilty in the attempted murder of former President Pervez Musharraf in 2003. The other, Safi Ullah, was convicted of several bombings in northern Pakistan in recent years.

Authorities were investigating how militants managed to enter the city. "A soul-searching investigation is underway to answer some big questions," an official said. "How were the militants allowed to block routes to the jail before the attack? Why didn't the reinforcements arrive?"

I don't know but if the fighting lasted 2 hours and only 4 guards were wounded and in all that time no army units arrived to assist the guards -my "guess" is that Pakistan's powerful ISI (military intelligence) might already have answers to those questions (and we are not likely to ever be privy to them).

Then to round off your day, here's an "Irish Joke" emailed to me by  a friend:
Mick Flaherty had supped more Guinness than enough and had stumbled out of Quinn's bar and into the Sunday afternoon air.
As his drunken eyes squinted to adjust to the light, an ambulance went by at great speed. Blue lights flashing and siren blaring, it roared up the street with Mick in full flight running after it.
A hundred yards, 200, 300, almost a quarter of a mile he tracked it until suddenly, lungs and legs giving out, he fell into the gutter.
Then with his very last ounce of breath he roared: 'You can keep your damned ice cream!'

Well, that's enough craziness for today. I hope your day goes well for you. See 'ya tomorrow.

Live Long and Prosper....

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