Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time for an Unusual Story

Here is a story i read in US News: A man, Mica Craig, reached down to brush what he thought was a stick off some mulch in the garden section of a Washington state Wal-Mart. It turned around and sank its fangs into his hand.  The encounter with a rattlesnake sent Craig, 47, to the hospital, where he remained in excruciating pain and may lose feeling in two fingers. Wal-Mart Stores Inc has apologized.

"I reached down to grab the stick to move it out of the way, and the snake stretched out, turned around and got its fangs in my right hand," he said. "I slung it off and I did a tap dance on it until it was dead."

Craig, a married father of two, said the mulch was for his marijuana plants, which he is licensed to grow for medical reasons. It was unclear whether the snake came from an adjacent field or arrived at the store along with garden supplies.

Wait, it gets better:

Craig said emergency room doctors sent him home because there was little swelling initially - he had iced the wound - and they thought the snake had inflicted only a "dry bite," or one that did not inject venom. But his hand quickly swelled up to "the size of a grapefruit," and he returned to the hospital. Doctors treated him with six bags of anti-venom -doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy feeling, knowing how professional they are in Emergency Rooms these days?...

Now for a change of pace, here is one of my favorite "Hawaiian Music" selections:

 Live Long and Prosper...

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