Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today's walk on the Yellow Brick Road

Some days it's easier to write a blog than others. This is one of those days when I had chosen a topic and then, just as I got organized and ready to start -I changed my mind. Now I am not quite sure where this trip down the Yellow Brick Road is going to take us. But, we won't know until we get started so "We're off to see the Wizard..."

Yellow Brick Road? You know, life really is a Yellow Brick Road, isn't it? You never know whats just around the next curve -a scarecrow, an orchard, a field of flowers  (beautiful but full of hidden danger). And all the while you keep taking one step after another hoping to reach happiness in your personal Emerald City. Sound kind of fanciful? Maybe, but it's true never-the-less. And necessary. We all need our own "Emerald City" just over the next hill to keep us going. -Mine includes a well stocked kitchen and fully stocked wet bar (when I was a few years younger it included something else involving the bedroom, but let's not go there).

Rustic -yeah, right...
I see where President Obama invited the heads of the G8 nations to meet in Camp David instead of in Chicago ahead of the big NATO summit. That was a good idea. It cuts down on security worries and exposure to protests. It also cuts down on the wear and tear on Air Force One ( -and reduces the chances of an international incident -when the Russian President takes a wrong turn, wonders into the wrong Chicago neighborhood and gets mugged). They descibed it as a "rustic "VIP Sleepover". Why do I get the feeling that their idea of "rustic" (at a place used by Presidents to hold meetings and host foregn VIP's since the 1940"s) and my idea of "rustic" (a place where the restrooms are in a separate structure) are fairly different. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe "rustic" is another way of describing "primative" (if so, I'll bet they have the most impressive outhouses in the world).

Well, summer is almost upon us. Are you ready? Some people looking forward to the heat, but not me. So far it's been a remarkably beautiful year, weather wise. -cool nights and warm afternoons, but somehow I don't think it's going to stay that way. I was never one to look forward to summer. I don't like to let people see me sweat. And, while summer means vacation time to many a good family, I never liked going in summer.  Places are too hot, prices are often jacked up for the season and you have to put up with other peoples kids (all wound up and excited about being on vacation). I prefer late fall and early spring for my getaways -milder weather, less expensive and less crowded.

There is, of course, one good thing about summer -football comes back (I mean real, American Football -the last great blood sport). There are pre-season games in August with the actual season starting the first week in September. I realize that some of you don't share my enthusiasm for football -probably some of the same people that say "it's not too hot in August and September -besides, it's 'dry heat'." -so is an oven, but I'm not setting up a lounge chair in one....

Here is a YouTube clip I came across of a man that really needs to be removed from the gene pool (and if he keeps this up, he will be):

OK, this looks like a good place to rest -we've traveled far enough along the Yellow Brick Road for today.  You have great day and I'll try to get back tomorrow.

Live Long and Prosper....

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