Saturday, July 28, 2012

Grounds for Divorce???

Today I want to talk about divorce -something which, as a bachelor, I have never had to worry much about, but an article from London on the subject caught my attention and I thought you might enjoy the insanity.

In England, divorce is only allowed if couples can prove adultery or abandonment or "unreasonable behavior". That can apparently lead to some pretty weird charges in the divorce papers. 

For example, one woman's petition blamed her husband's insistence that she speak and dress only in Klingon.

Other examples of "unreasonable behavior": a husband objecting to the "malicious" preparation of his most hated dish, tuna casserole (no, the recipe was not listed); a spouse's non-communication for the last 15 years, except by leaving Post-it Notes; a spouse's too-rapid TV channel-changing (something I've seen start many an argument around my parents home); a husband's distorting the fit of his wife's best outfits by frequently wearing them; and one spouse that insisted on keeping a pet tarantula residing in a glass case beside the marital bed (something that would not be a problem in my home because I keep a loaded 9mm handy for just such problems, the only down-side being cleaning up the broken glass).

Live Long and Prosper...

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